Made Of Win

If this isn’t Basketball Exchange material I dunno what is.

I only got turned on to Slam Dunk much later unfortunately, completely missing the hype at the time it started showing here. But when I did get hooked I fell in deep and finished the whole series in like a couple weeks. I appreciate almost all anime, particularly my favorites, Great Teacher Onizuka and Initial D, whose story has a father – son dynamics (between Takumi and his dad Bunta) I still think about to this day. The only reason I’m not familiar with any more anime is that I resist the urge to even watch anything new because I know I’d get hooked for sure.

Anime is an honest art and is genuinely free of commercial considerations as proven by the fact that their makers are willing to end their runs at the height of their popularity instead of milking them until their fans lose interest like in the US. They often contain complex yet compelling stories that blur the line between what is for kids and adults. Because the stories are honest depictions of real life their audiences cannot help but relate to them.

Sakuragi, for example, may play the role of the athlete struggling to make the team, but he’s an occasional asshole and is a difficult character to like as well. And if you think about it that’s what real characters are all about. Not boxed stereotype heroes such as what hollywood likes to dish out, but flawed and insecure, yet trying to make things right. Pretty much like you and me when we were his age (and yes even until now).

Anyway I dunno how to end this except to say that video is cool and my favorite part is the seagull. I also want to congratulate you for reading up to this part, you probably don’t have a lot to do today.

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