Made of Awesome

Can this pic get any more timely? Not only does it fit into Nike’s ‘Basketball Never Stops’ campaign, it’s also a shoe in for ‘More Fun In The Philippines’.

As far as I can tell this originally came from Sinag Pilipinas’ FB page. The admin of that page claims he edited it for ‘more fun..’, and it caught fire from there. Kevin Durant eventually got a hold of it, shared it around his networks and it caught international fire from then on.

It’s a very powerful image that says a lot of things. Primarily HOPE, given the mindless, horrible natural calamities the country continues to face. This pic may have been taken as far back as Ondoy or as recent as Sendong, or might not even have anything to do with either, but the message is just as compelling.

There is also a message of economic depression and poverty, as you will notice these kids aren’t exactly in a club or city court. And finally there is the message of love of the game. For lack of anything better to do, and the lack of places to do it, these kids are playing ball despite being in knee deep water. Strong, strong stuff.

This image is so representative of who we are and what our country is facing. It’s gonna stick with me awhile for sure.