Nostalgia Alert: PBA Retro Jerseys At Robinsons

I caught this ‘bazaar’ on its last day by accident a few weeks back at Rob Manila. It was supposed to be the last day and they were just pulling out jerseys and shorts from boxes.

People were flocking to it.

I’m kidding of course, but the prices may have something to do with it. Jerseys were at P1,500 and some I think were P2k. The lady there even mentioned they were selling jerseys and shoes players actually used before they ran out. Wow.

That’s Jawo’s jersey right there man. And all good stitched quality stuff, no poor imitations or stickers. These may well be the quality of the originals. There were boxes of the stuff, but I was on a budget at the time so a 1.5k impulse buy was not a good idea.

Anyway, I’m writing this because a press colleague just updated his FB with news of another retro PBA jersey sale, at Robinsons PIONEER, going on RIGHT NOW, and I mean today, December 8, 2011, as I write this.

Can’t imagine how this cannot be a PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT for anyone with a Dad, Husband, or an older brother / sister / anyone who grew up in that generation.

Those ‘sales / bazaars’ whatever you call them seem to sprout up at random, so I’d rush over there if I were you. And by ‘you’, I mean my wife.