A few years back I was looking for an apartment or some place to rent for a few months until I got married and we’d be able to move in together. Since I’d be living alone I had low standards. As long as it was decent, had internet connection and rent was cheap it was interesting to me. I eventually ended up at Sta. Rosa but at the time I was seriously thinking of Cubao. Yes Cubao. It might not be safe to be outside in the evenings and traffic often kept the place in a perpetual smog, but it was near Araneta, and I thought: wouldn’t it be great to be walking distance to where I could just come over over and watch concerts, and yes, the PBA?

Well believe it or not that dream turns out not too far from coming true. Check this out:

That humongous building is the unfortunately named ‘Arena’, in typical SM fashion, named in as blasé and unoriginal a manner as possible. These are after all the people who can’t be bothered to give their buildings creative names and so resort to calling them Bldg. A, Bldg. B etc.

But that’s ok, the important thing is, it is reportedly a WORLD – CLASS facility that can rival that of the best stadiums in the world. And yes that means the PBA, the only Pro sports organization going on locally that’s worth a damn, will eventually have a nicer place to play in.


Well, not totally near. I’m at Sucat Paranaque, so I have to go through it to MIA Road and eventually Roxas, but once at Macapagal I’m there and its certainly closer than Cubao.

There’s also an equally tall building beside it that looks like a parking facility, but I plan to ride my motorcycle to it, the better to avoid hassle which this early is already awful.

If you can tell I’m excited, I am. It looks a good 12mos or so away though, but I’m writing this anyway just to tell the 2 (ok, 3) people who read this blog that you heard it here first. Thank God for rich people. They pay for our National Team and another one went and made a good venue for us too. It’s gonna be good to be a sports fan and live near the MOA area in a year or maybe two.



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