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I went to inboundpass.com today, to check out UAAP standings and scheds, when I happened onto their ad re a coaching clinic. It’s that large black leaderboard ad at the top of their screen with the words ‘Coach Now’.

Clicking it, I learned that it was a coaching seminar (obviously), to be held October 2011 at Blue Eagle Gym, ADMU, QC. Details are a course fee of P5,500.00 (inclusive of course materials and meals), and that coaches involve such esteemed names as Norman Black, Ricky Dandan, Louie Alas, Jude Roque, Alex Compton, Jong Uichico, Ryan Gregorio and Tim Cone.

So let’s get down to the point why I’m writing this: I. Want.

The questions is though, why?

I’m busy enough as it is. I’ve decided to start a webhosting biz. I’ve been in IT for a decade and know its ins and outs, and am already hosting twenty or so clients albeit unoficially. The logical conclusion is to start making money off of all that stock knowledge because that’s what’s you’re supposed to do, learn stuff and make it pay for itself after. I’ve always, for some odd reason, been good at tech stuff without any formal training. Tech allows you to make a decent living off of it so I’d be stupid not to pursue this.

But then somewhere in the back of my head, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the game. I coached only 2 teams in the past, and both went very well. I only know basic stuff about the technical issues, but I’m good with kids and enjoy getting the best out of them. I understand how it feels to be in their shoes, and I just draw from that whenever I need to deal with them. Often we find common ground and we enjoy each other’s company. I’m still in contact with a few of them even after years of not seeing each other.

But a career in sports is about as remote as it can possibly get for me. First of all I do not like the environment. From what little I know there seems to be a plethora of egos, politics and questionable characters that populate it, and I’ve caught my skin crawling at the few ‘sports officials’ I’ve met who for all the world look and act like chiefs with their own little fiefdoms. In contrast, technology is a world where merit is due only to that which deserves it, a concept you can’t count on in a world of egos, where looking out for a benefactor is how you get doors to open for you.

However, coaching for me is the most direct way you can actually influence and shape a young person’s life towards a better path, the role that many adults have either failed or shied away from either because they are unaware or incapable of doing so.

That is the one aspect of coaching that attracts me most. Sports is a microcosm of life. Apropos to that, coaching sports is teaching young people to deal with life. In everything sports teaches you can learn to apply in life. That to me is well worth the effort.

A second reason is of course, the rich amount of experience learning to coach can provide and which I would love to write about. It would be great to be a part of the whole experience and write about it. If only for that it’d be worth P5,500.00.

Then again I don’t have P5.5k to spare at the moment, and again, what would all that knowledge do for me, especially when I have pressing business to attend. This therefore looks like yet another interesting thing I’d like to do that I’d have to pass on. I guess I’m just writing this to make it clear to me exactly why.

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