Thanks to J for letting me know this tournament didn’t pan out, referring post here. I made this post much earlier when I got the sched and I left it at that.

Herewith is the official 2011 DOHA 4-nation Tournament to be held August. 24-29, 2011. DOHA, Qatar, Al Gharafa Indoor Hall. Participants are Lebanon, Philippines, Syria and Qatar.


Yes that’s just a lousy screenshot of an OpenOffice Calc file. However, once again I am supplying a csv file of the same thing here in case you want to make your own permutations or add to your own calendar.

Note, I am not aware which TV network if any will be showing these games live. I am also unsure if those times mentioned are Phil. time or Qatar’s (they are 5 hrs. behind). I hope not, because if it is that would mean we’d be watching those games at 4 in the morning. Di naman siguro.