Unleash The JV

Yes my title alludes broadly to the movie Clash Of The Titans and that scene when some god releases a monster which sets forth much death and destruction upon a sad collection of unprepared mortals. And Yes it doesn’t sound quite as menacing as ‘Kracken’, but that’s pretty much where the differences end because it’s nothing but similarities here-on.

See when I watched the Phil – Korea game the other day where we lost 78-70, common sports press parlance would have you say ‘we didn’t lose without putting up a fight’. Well, that picture above represented that fight. A growling, snarling, missile-firing, both guns slinging, 3 pt. barrage, scoring rampage of a PG that can do it all. Pass, handle, shoot.. and boy can he shoot. Stop on – a – dime shoot. Shoot open 3s. Shoot 3s with a hand on his face. Shoot Js from 10 feet, 17 feet, 5 feet.

If the Philippine team needs to ‘unleash’ something akin to a to the basketball equivalent of a Kracken, then goddammit you unleash J-Shock, there’s no 2 ways about it.

I remember being in deep pain while watching this, nursing a complicated health issue. I had the tv on mute, would you believe, because my drug – addled brain could only handle so much at a given time. I was dealing with my health per se, the complications of the powerful drugs I needed to counter it, and the fucking Jones Cup referees whose unbelievable ineptitude was cramping our national team’s style. I therefore decided this game was best enjoyed with the volume off, as if not having any sound would buffer somehow the officials’ spectacular display of incapacity (no it didn’t). I caught the wife staring at me curiously but she just shrugged her shoulders and let me be.

At any rate there we were right in the thick of things, our naturalized wonder Douthit unable to stamp his inevitable class upon our foes and reduced to watching haplessly from the bench as the officials insisted on calling foul upon imaginary foul on him. If it weren’t for the fact they seemed equally cross eyed with the opposing teams too I’d easily decide they were on the take, but fortunately they were equal opportunity idiots. There’s probably some consolation to be gained from that, sort of like saying its ok to play on a court with giant potholes as long as your opponent has to suffer the same fate.

There’s something about playing a better team that reduces a game to its simplest facets. Faced with the fact we had to deal with a superior team without the one player who could’ve equalled our chances, Gilas was faced with having to do the one thing everyone expects them to do anyway.

PASS the ball to the open man. DEFEND like your life depended on it. TRANSITION with crisp efficiency. PLAY with purpose, as a collective. And SHOOT that ball. CHOOSE your shots well, get it around, RUN to get open, SHOOT IT. And no more better time than ever when faced with an unrelenting, superior team.

And who SHOT that ball? JV, that’s who (mistakenly referred to as ‘JE’ by the scoreboard. Why can’t they perfect these things? It only happens 1x a year!).

I know we lost it but that guy put on a show and I needed to write about it here because I wouldn’t let up on myself until I did. Watching with one eye closed and the other drooping (yes drowsiness is a distinct side effect of painkillers) I was thinking ‘putang ina JV is putting on a show.‘ after which I’d maybe fall asleep a few minutes and then wake up again in a jolt, remembering there was a game on.

Anyway, game against Japan later on. More thoughts to come.