July 2011 Rebound Is Out

The ‘Strongest Rookie Batch In Years’ is an understatement. We got good strong new guys this year and it’s worth learning about them now while they’re young so that one day when you’re with friends somewhere you can say things like ‘Oh I knew about (insert name of rookie here) waaaay back even before he became popular!

Admit it. You want to do that. And this is the issue that’ll help.

I’ve only read Mike’s article so far, re the Skywalker himself *genuflects*. Worth the price of the whole mag already if you ask me.

There’s an article re rookies.

And of DLSU Senior Atkins, the only remaining Archer with Championship experience this year. No Pressure!

Mike’s opinion piece title sums it up.

And of course the meat of this issue, the wealth of talent we are privileged to see this year.

I dunno about you, but I’d stop scratching myself and close my gaping mouth long enough to get this issue now Now NOW.

I don’t even have an article in this, so I have no hidden agenda. So put and end to your loser ways and do it already.