Fish Coming To Play Here Can Mean 1 of 2 Things

But before I talk about the title of this post I just wanted to show you a screencap of P10,000.00 tickets being sold at, (edited to remove the horrible ads that website puts on its already ugly and convoluted pages).

Ten Thousand PESOSES man. Each. Wow.

Thanks to for the link to that. It kinda confirms how this really might be the biggest thing since Ali like I wrote the other day. I dunno if I’ve ever heard of other tickets getting priced that way at Araneta.

And oh, here are other interesting screens.

From Tyreke, and..

Derrick Williams.

I couldn’t find the others, but each one twitted their announcements as well days before.

and here’s a fresh one by KD taken just now, twitted a few hours ago:

Yes I’m ready KD. My wallet isn’t, but I am.

So anyway, Derek Fisher is also reportedly coming to play, so really that means any of two things:

  • NBA Lockout Negotiations are on their way to getting smoothed out and no one has anything to worry about.
  • NBA Lockout Negotiations are deadlocked and everyone’s decided to just chill.

Of course I may sound like I’m fanning the flames here, but if the leader of the Players Union is ‘overseas’ (as the Americans like to say, as if they’re all US Servicemen), he isn’t at the negotiating table, and if he isn’t at the negotiating table.. you understand?

Then again you can only negotiate so much after you get tired of seeing each other’s faces and hearing the same arguments over and again. So maybe everyone’s taking a breather and this is his way of unwinding. Which is good of course. It’s great to see the guy, regardless, and he’s always welcome for sure.

So now I’m gonna end this pointless rambling because I’ve nothing else to say, other than someone please please give me tickets. Yes this whole post was just for me to end up saying that.