Biggest Thing To Happen At Araneta Since Ali?

Before I continue on with thoughts during Kobe day, a little sumthin – sumthin evolved from mere rumour to ‘actually gonna happen’, and it just cannot be ignored:

It was definitely a rumour just a few days ago because I was in the same room when Kobe was asked about it and he confirmed he only knew about it from the papers and was just as clueless as anyone.

Even Chris Tiu, an actual player playing in that game, wasn’t completely sure yet of who’s coming:

So things are moving along quite rapidly. Yesterday someone posted ticket prices and availability on FB and it doesn’t look good:

This time I do not have any access to this event at all, and to be quite honest am way too cheap to shell out P3.8k and especially P5.5k for tix, so it looks like I’ll be hoping for good tv coverage instead.

So, is this the biggest thing to happen at Araneta since Mohammed Ali?

You know what? I’m hard pressed to remember anything quite so exciting to sports fans as this. For years I’ve been wondering aloud via this blog and whoever would listen why the NBA wouldn’t send out a team over here to play a game or two, and now not only do we get them but even better, we get of their biggest, BIGGEST stars to boot.

This sort of thing doesn’t even happen in the US let alone outside of it. I am amazed and yes, I gotta say it: This is waAAaay bigger than Kobe’s visit just a few days ago. It just pales in comparison. The Pinoy fan, salivating for years to get a glimpse of them live, will finally have their day, and days apart from Kobe’s visit at that.

So what are negatives if any? This looks like a hastily put together affair, so I don’t expect the fantastic light and sound show we had during Kobe’s visit. The organizers are probably this very moment scrambling to put together a show and I do not envy them their job. Sponsors should be lining up to give them blank checks while the public is emptying their wallets for tickets. Everyone will want a part of them and the organisers are going to have to provide. That sort of mayhem requires alien – level organisational skills so putting out a decent show in itself is interesting already to me.  It’s going to be crazy it’s wearing me out just thinking about it.