Notes On Lal vs. Dal Game 3 (Prediction: Mavs in 5)

A few things I had never seen before.

Kobe reacting so negatively after a travelling call, even if they were leading at the time.

Coach Jackson getting on both his center’s case. The fact that Jackson is even in someone’s face is in itself a surprise.

Issues with Gasol again later on in the game.

And yes I know you have to literally hug the person you’re talking to in order to get properly heard in the Maverick’s very loud arena, but still. Coach Jackson is the epitome of the coach under control, who is in control because his team is in control. Evidently here in crucial Game 3, and also in Game 2, he was not.

Bryant said later in the press room that he feels they played well enough to win it but made big errors down the stretch. That sums it up pretty much really, as they were in control for 90% of the time, and all it took was a few of Bryant’s jumpshots to finish it off, you know, like he usually does. And he was even on his way.

But they made mistake after mental mistake, leaving jumpshooters like Stojakovic and Terry open. And if there is one thing I know about teams that have shooters in their roster, it’s that you should never ever count them out. A three there, a made jumpshot here, and before you know it double digit leads become single digit, and single digits and so on, until suddenly you’re behind.

My Prediction

Ok now here we go. I am not counting Lal out. I think everyone agrees, if there’s one team that can do 4-0 it has to be the Lakers. And I don’t think those clashes on the court are anything serious either. Those things happen. This team has been together far too long to allow little issues to bother them.

However, 3-0 at a best of 7 series is really walking at the edge of a deep ravine. One slip and there is nothing left for you to hold on to. You may slip because of your own doing, or the other team plays well, it doesn’t matter. You die either way, and it’s just too deep a hole to get out of.

Mavericks in 5.

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