The Day I Met The Quick Brown Fox (Online)

Here’s what happened. So I saw Ricky Brown’s FB page the other day (yes, THE Ricardo Brown aka The Quick Brown Fox) and I ‘friended him’. I didn’t expect much of it of course. Lots of celebs use their names as brands on FB nowadays and are usually just corporate facades meant to inform their legions of followers with updates of what they’re doing and such.

Until a few minutes later I got a MESSAGE FROM THE MAN HIMSELF.

I’m not gonna deny it, I WAS THRILLED. Ricky Brown is a BONAFIDE LEGEND in these parts, and I grew up in the 80’s amongst thousands of others AWED BEYOND WORDS at his fantastic handles. This was pre – Abarrientos, pre – Ronnie Magsanoc ball handling SKILLS, and he was blazing the trail. And the fact I am speaking to a person and not just some company identity was TEN TIMES MORE amazing. You can tell from the way I randomly all-capitalize some of the words that CLEARLY I am happy.

Here’s a bunch of screencaps I got from his terrific album of memorabilia on FB either provided by him or by fans he had also met online:

An amazing newspaper cutout of the awards during the 85 season. BTW, whenever I hear of China’s Li Ning, which currently challenges Nike and Adidas on their own turf, I often wonder whatever happened to Grosby, which up to when I was a kid I felt were just as desirable (or maybe it was just me?)

His powerhouse Great Taste team. Players were: Arnold Mendoza, Ricky Rosales, Joy Carpio, Jr Yumang Manansala, Noel Cruz (photos), Emily Gadbilao, Louie Pearson, Alfonso Viana, Davis Dalman, Oliverbrent Dalman, Chito Loyzaga, Ninia Yumang, Oliveros Bilog Dalman, Mark Japson Dalman, Manny Victorino, Micmic Dalman, Coach Virgilio “Baby” Dalupan, Joselito Eguia, Arnaldo Fuertes, Ricardo Brown (photos), Olen Juarez-Lim, Myki Victorino, Geena Arrieta Victorino (photos), Coach Virgilio “Baby” Dalupan, Mikee Rosales, Venus Celecious, The Quick Brown Fox Ricardo Brown, Abe King, Neil Cochiengco Bedia, Chairman of the Board Abe King, Teddy Alfarero

The comments on this post are great fun. Ricky has this to say about Abe King for example, and his legendary roughhouse play:

Regarding Abe: I can tell you for sure that Abe King was not a dirty player and did not take ‘cheap shots’ at opponents. However, if he was on the receiving end of a ‘cheap shot’ by an opponent, you can bet the farm that Abe was going to give it back sooner or later.

A MUST visit here for every PBA fan, although you have to friend him first I think.

Career highlight page, created by an ‘Ariel Morales’, a fan of his (all credit goes to him). Those are legend level achievements by any player in any league.

Finally there’s an article on him here, from which also found out about him online.

So far this has to be the most fun player page I’ve ever seen. Ricky himself takes time to talk and interact with fans and his fans have responded appropriate by showering him with love and praises and a few I think are even working with him on memorabilia projects. He said he’s coming back soon and that surely will be a fun time for everyone.

I just gotta say to all famous people ie. celebrities, actors, politicians, and particularly athletes, this is how you do it. Respond to your fans earnestly, with honesty and respect (and yes, with lots of patience especially with those who aren’t adept at expressing themselves), and there is no doubt in my mind that you will gain respect a hundred times over. Sure it’s ‘just’ online, but Ricky is proving to be gracious and benevolent with his time and that speaks volumes of the man.