Notes On Por vs. Dal Game 4 (The 2nd Coming of Brandon Roy, Superstar)

Alternative Title: The Story Of The Playoffs.

I’m pulling out all the stops in this article (and when I say that I mean I Googled and went through a lot of old articles I read). So first, here’s an article on the much – loved Ball Don’t Lie re Brandon Roy I read back in January, when I was trying to find out whatever happened to him.

From the title you can tell it isn’t very positive. To paraphrase:

But (Roy) won’t be an All-Star again. That’s the just the cruel nature of working through this bone-on-bone condition in both knees. And though rumors of surgical procedures surround Roy in his absence from the team, things aren’t getting any better, barring an outright miracle. Things aren’t changing, and things aren’t improving.

I apologize for laying the hammer so heavily, but the Brandon Roy you knew from the 2008-09 season isn’t coming back. Worse, the diminished Brandon Roy you saw last season isn’t coming back. Roy might play again, but he’ll never be the same.

If that’s too much for you, I’m not finished. The net is plagued with similar articles, from rumours to opinions to all sorts of negativity about the guy. Here’s another again from yahoo sports (my go-to website for stats), reposted from

I have more but you get the point.

Flash to today however. Today, see, is special. Today we have this:

Where a few minutes earlier Roy hoists up a prayer of a 3 on top of Shawn Marion’s defense (who had a monster game himself) and completes a rare 4pt play at the FT line, coming breathtakingly close 82-81 Dal.

Then after he makes another running bank off terrible D by Terry, putting them ahead 84-82. Jason Kidd somehow ends up all alone for a three later, but the ‘most improved shooter in the history of basketball‘ (a phrase I heard from Chris Webber), suddenly reverted to his old brick-laying ways and shot a terrible elbow – powered airball from the left.

The Mavericks managed a stop but had no more timeouts left. Terry missed a desperation 3, missed, and that was all she wrote for this one, leading to this:

Where Roy, somewhere in there, is grabbed and hugged by ALL of his teammates, an equivocal expression of joy and love towards their Superstar whom for all intents and purposes has risen from the dead.

An AMAZING 18pts. in the 4th quarter on 8/10 shooting. If that’s not Superstar numbers I dunno what is.

And that’s what makes this story far more interesting than any other. I told you I liked the ‘veteran, about to retire player’ drama (ie. O’Neal at the Celtics and Thomas at the Bulls), but this particular drama is also far more exciting. It’s the ‘Superstar Returns‘ story, and by God that’s gonna sell the NBA like hotcakes. At this very moment an army of editors are telling their writers to get on that pronto. It’s terrific stuff and barring Bill Walton suddenly coming back to play Center for the Blazers this has GOT to be the story of the Playoffs.