Notes On NY vs. Bos Game 3 (aka The Truth Comes Out)

Why Is This Man Smiling?

I’ll tell you why that man is smiling.

It’s because his team finally found their groove, and played like an NBA Championship contender as opposed to a Eastern Conference Champion contender or even a 1st round playoff contender. Today, they made me believe.

Predictions? This is gonna be easy. Celtics in 4, for the ff. reasons:

  1. They find a way to win – ESSENTIAL for any team wanting to progress further. The Bulls do that as well with Rose taking over whenever Indiana poses a challenge down the stretch.
  2. Knicks don’t have Amar’e and Billups – I hate stating the obvious but you can’t get any more crystal clear than that.*
  3. Knicks are a team formed in the middle of the season – Even if they had both players, I will never give a team that was formed as recently as them a chance. Ok maybe they might make it to 7 games in the 1st round against the Celtics that played the way they did in Game 1. But no further. Basketball just doesn’t favor teams that do not have depth of experience.

* – The 2nd reason btw is the reason why I’m gonna watch this series anyway. Without those guys the Knicks are fielding no – namers like Jeffries, Douglas and some other dudes we’ve never even heard of, many of which practically disappeared off the end of the bench in the regular season. Every point they make is therefore spectacular because the mere fact they’re on the floor is already amazing.

That’s it for this one. Off to the other games!