Scottie Pippen Gets Righteous, Righteous Statue

No that’s not the actual statue, my brilliant Photoshop work is just teasing your eyes.

That’s Scottie as I remember him, delivering a wowspectacularmazingncredible dunk on hapless Patrick Ewing, the kind of dunk that makes you make up words and put up stupid Photoshop attempts like that.

There’s honestly a lot on my mind right now about all sorts of basketball and non – basketball issues going around, but heck when I found out #33 was going to get honored, I just had to say something. And besides we need a break. Damn do we ever.

So anyway, about Scottie. Here’s the announcement, and there’s already talk about what kind of pose his statue will take (defensive? dunking? just standing and smiling?) and even what shoes he might be wearing. I’m curious as to how they got to the decision myself. I mean, how does that go? Do they just decide ‘hey we got some extra dough, let’s put up a statue!’?

Either way I don’t really care. So long as he’s sporting that ‘do and lookin’ good, he’ll always represent the under appreciated, underpaid even – but incredibly talented NBA Superstar that we often overlook but cannot deny.