Pacific Rims Booklaunch Aug. 24 @ Powerbooks Greenbelt And Other Matters Pertaining to Reading

I just wanted to say that i’m not completely living under a rock and am well aware of not only Mr. Bartholomew’s book, but am an avid follower of his (via his blog) and have been following his exploits for many a year now.

I knew he was writing a book and had been eagerly awaiting its publishing. I am therefore quite happy to announce his booklaunch on the 24th, which I’ve learned about via spam from his publicity people I assume. Details to wit:

I also know that it’s been out for quite awhile now, and having said that, will quickly explain why I haven’t bought and read, it.

The reason is quite simple. At the moment, I am nose deep into this:

And let me tell you right now, it is quite the best basketball book I’ve ever read. I read parts of it at random, I think maybe because I wanna take my sweet time. Over the past few days I’ve been learning more about the NBA than I’ve ever thought I could, and it’s shed light on a lot of stuff. Quite honestly I’ve not felt more excited reading a book, any book, for quite awhile.
Ok, I don’t particularly agree with Simmon’s writing style altogether, but I’m not gonna argue style when there is so much else to gain from it. I will write about it in full after I finish it.

In the meantime, this post is about Rafe Bartholomew’s book, which I shall buy and read immediately after I put down what I’m reading now. Congratulations to Rafe*, on the launch of Pacific Rims and I’m hoping the whole basketball playing Filipino population buys it.

* – no I don’t know him so I really shouldn’t refer to him by first name, but I’ve been reading his blog so long I feel I do a little bit so I hope he doesn’t mind.