'The might of a maroon'?!?

The UAAP Season 73 Teaser:

So a few things:
The might of a maroon? – Medyo pilit, imho. But then compared to the other teams whose names easily lend themselves to hero characters I guess this is the best one can do.

Where ‘heroes are made’? – Hadn’t this been flogged to death by Basketball TV? Glad they didn’t try ‘where amazing happens’ or else they’d have been accused of aping someone else’s tagline.

Ok so look, the commercial above is fine ok? I’m trying to be constructive here, and not hammer it for the sake of hammering it. Sure it’s Encantadia and all, but if it’s the best they can do and they’ve got a limited budget and all, it’ll pass.

But two things, one: you can do so much better, and b.: why not use humor instead?. I mean, I’m still smarting from how people are taking these games waaaay too seriously as indicated by ADMU’s bonfire 2 years ago (yes I will never forget that). The implication of that and other similar neanderthal – like acts that regularly happen in the UAAP / NCAA indicates that hooliganism and other acts of idiocy aren’t that far away.

So my argument is, why not let’s all just have some fun?

Case in point:

or if you’re gonna copy at all, substitute a couple of jejemons for this gem:

or how ‘nothing else matters’?

or substitute MVP and Lance Gokongwei for Dave and Jay in this one:

Or substitute any of your favorite UAAP teams for the teams featured here (I’ve saved the best for last):

I can go on and on. Point is, Pinoys have always been synonymous with fun, so why not, right?

Season 73 starts on July 10, losers. Let the idiocy begin.

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