With Perkins Out, Game 7 Looks More Exciting Than Ever

So first off, the news is out. K. Perkins #43 center for the Eastern Conference Champs Boston Celtics, will be unable to play Game 7.

This means Boston’s rotation of Perkins > Wallace > Williams will have to move up a notch, with Wallace as starting center and Williams on the 2nd team. This might even affect their halfcourt defense. With Wallace guarding Gasol et al, Garnett may have to help out occasionally, and that changes things.

But let’s focus on why I think this might get exciting. And it’s because of this guy.

See, I believe in this guy. I really do. At least I think he’s better than Perk.

Perk see, is sorta one dimensional for me. And that’s not knocking him. In fact, that’s what makes him a good teammate. You can rely on him. You know he’s gonna sacrifice every bone in his body for you, that he’ll play his heart out each time all the time and play in a certain way that allows you to adjust your own game, because you know he’ll seldom change his style.

Wallace however, is an explosion of emotion waiting to happen, and therefore that makes him the opposite. One minute he’s raining threes on you, the next, like game 6, he’s shooting 0/6 and 0/7 in fgs and 3s. One minute he’s doing a bangup job defending someone, the next all cameras are on him as he’s screaming his lungs out, tempting a TF.

So why am I thinking this is good? Tomorrow is a big game, and I like big personalities in big games. That is where they shine, where they enjoy themselves most. And it’s hard to think of someone with as big a personality and impact on the game on Boston’s bench as Rasheed Wallace.

And what has he, or anyone else for that matter, got to lose? If you lose tomorrow, the whole season is behind you. There’s no turning back, and there’s no making up in a next game because there isn’t any. He can even retire the day after and no one’d knock him for that, veteran that he is.

At any rate that’s my take re Perkins getting taken out. It’s a pity of course, because as part of the starting 5 he’s one of the main reasons why they’re there in the first place. And if LA is purist about it (and they usually are, being true warriors of the game), they probably feel they have an unfair advantage, playing an ‘incomplete’ team.

I just think Sheed has some left in him though. We may all be in for a surprise yet.

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