Nike's World Cup Ad Is The Most Awesome Thing You'll See Today

Football / Futbol / Soccer is a sport where you actually kick the ball. It’s played outdoors in a large grassy area and you score when it goes into a goal. Sounds radical eh? You know what’s best? You don’t have to be a 6 footer. In fact one might even conclude us Pinoys could do ourselves a favor and take it up because we might actually become, perish the thought, good at it *gasp*!

But anyway, I was meandering my way around YouTube a little bit when I happened onto this:

And since you’re from the Philippines and therefore nuts about a game that involves height and therefore does not stand a chance to win anything substantial in the international sports scene and also does not follow the ‘beautiful game’ which we should be following, you probably don’t know who those people are on that vid. Just trust me when I say they’re very good at what they do, and that commercial is pretty damn amazing.

Oh and Kobe’s in it too (he’s on every worthwhile Nike commercial it seems), which probably makes the whole vid worth your while.

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