You Gotta Wonder.. an article re basketball in a country that calls basketball its most popular sport can miss-spell ‘alley oop‘.

Anyway, here’s the video of the actual event.

Pretty awesome nonetheless.

Incidentally, yes I’ve been watching NBA games when I can. I’m still on Honeymoon mode and on extended vacation (more or less). We’ve moved into a new house and I’ve just gotten my PC working after realizing one of the RAM sticks have gone bad (don’t buy Value Select 1gb. RAM). This week we’re going to Cebu then after that to La Union, so I hope to catch games in transit. Yes this might turn into a very quiet blog but I’m assured we got wifi where we’re going and I can borrow my wife’s laptop anytime, so..

At any rate, have a safe election weekend everyone. Catch you when I can.

One thought on “You Gotta Wonder..”

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