Heat One Man Show Not Good Enough Against Celtics

Before I launch into discussion re Miami’s chances, here’s how to get fouled Paul Pierce style.

First, while holding the ball, extend your arms downwards, inviting the defender to extend his arms to try and deflect / tap the ball away.

Next, quickly swing arms in a circular motion as if to shoot, assuring that defenders arms and hands will touch yours. While doing so, emit a strong yell as if to indicate pain and / or surprise.

Optional: you can also lose the ball by throwing up into the air as well (not shown above), to help indicate to the refs that said foul was so hard so as to make you lose your grip.

Caveat: Refs might not actually call a foul, leading to a lose ball and high possibility of a turnover. This will vary depending on what kind of player you are. If you are a superstar such as above Boston Celtic guard Paul Pierce, you have a 90% chance of success. Anyone else will most likely end in a fail.

So anyway, back to the game.

In a few words: Miami was whupped.

Ray Allen has continues his resurgent ways, topscoring for the Celtics with 24, followed by Pierce (21), Garnett and Rondo (14 and 16 respectively).

On the other hand, Dwayne Wade scored 31 and made 10 assists in their losing cause, indicating via his performance that his team, well, it needs help. Mario Chalmers (20) was the only other Heat player to score in double figures.

Boston will now go ahead to meet the Cavs in what promises to be an exciting matchup featuring yet again another one-man team against the aging, but no doubt inspired, Celtics.

The idea of a LeBron – Pierce matchup anywhere close to what we saw last year makes my hair stand on end.

In case you developed amnesia sometime between then and now, here’s a little video to help you remember.

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