Bobcats Gone, Wait for Bucks or Hawks

larry brown, michael jordanOk MJ probably doesn’t want Brown’s head that bad. I just felt like making a funny graphic.

According to this report though, Larry Brown had already indicated a desire to leave Charlotte for Philadelphia months ago to rejoin his wife who lives there.

It just gets me as lousy timing to announce this after (or before?) getting swept by the Orlando Magic. I mean, whut?

Anyway, Orlando didn’t really win this to my mind, despite Carter’s 21 points. The Bobcats just didn’t have the.. whatever it took to win it. Firepower? Dedication? Determination? Morale, maybe? I mean, it’s not like they don’t have the talent. Tyrus Thomas comes off the bench and topscores with 21 pts.  for them, while Gerald Wallace has always been great to watch.

But whatever. Orlando now has time to cool their heels before waiting for the outcome of the Bucks Hawks matchup, currently tied at 2-2.

And now for your entertainment, I give to you the NBA’s worst freethrow shooting playoff edition.

Good Lord.

The way that guy’s shooting, Hack-A-Dwight is looking like a potent strategy for whoever’s facing them next.

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