Bulls Win First In Series 108 – 106 Despite Blowing 21 pt. Lead

How is this not a foul?

We’ll get to that in a second.

First I wanna talk about how the Cavs came up with a new way to ice freethrow shooters. How it works is (from what I observed), after Brad Miller collared the rebound from a Varejao missed freethrow he is fouled to force him to shoot freethrows himself with 6 seconds left in the game, the Cavs just a 4 pts away to tie at 107-103.
In the meantime Varejao goes straightaway to the bench and sits down. Miller then proceeds to shoot freethrows. After he sinks his first, Coach Brown protests that he does not have five players on the floor, hence why is Miller allowed to shoot freethrows? Essentially he is taking advantage of the usual mayhem that transpires during such situations claiming his request to substitute may have been missed by the officials.
It didn’t work. Miller sank 2 of 2, but the ‘technique’ did manage to delay the game at least 30 seconds, enough to ice most shooters. Good try though, Coach Brown.

Anyway, this was a terrific game. Normally few lead changes indicate a boring one, and this game only had one. But the fact the Cavs played catch up and the stars came out to play in the fourth quarter, this game is going to make it into Classic NBA.

Derrick Rose (31 pts., 7 assists) brought the house down with his floater – type, looping kind of layups and shots that somewhat reminds me of MacMac Cardona‘s teardrop style (yes I am referencing a PBA player. Can’t help it, just keeping it real). It’s unguardable because you never know its coming. There’s no long windup to prepare against it. One second he’s dribbling the ball, the next he just flings it up, over and in before a defender can react. Rose used this three to four crucial times in the dying seconds and it was intense.

Wazisname.. oh, James was his usual amazing 39 pts., 10 rebounds self, keeping the Chicago audience stunned with his jaw dropping threes, spectacular drives to the hoop and overall out muscling, out sizing and out shooting everybody. Like I said before though, the Cavs can’t let the bright lights of his amazing ability blind his own teammates as well. Only Jamison and M. Williams were in double figures with 19 and 21 respectively. More and more it’s looking to me like a Scottie Pippen – like character has to rise out of their ranks (or they’ve got to trade for one) in order for this team to be as effective as it could be.

With this upset, the Cavs have given the Bulls and any other team that’s going to go up against them a glimpse of the impossible – the potential to win against them. The Bulls are playing fantastic ball. I’m even inclined to think this was a statement game by the players after the Coach Of The Year awards were given out yesterday. But they will likely lose this series.

What we can take from this however is that with this win they’ve given hope to all the other teams out there because they all just have to say that if the Bulls can do it, then so can they.