The Most Awesome Basketball Video On YouTube

This video of Kobe getting post up tips from Hakeem Olajuwon is from all the way back in Oct. 09, but is one for the ages.

Why? I’ll tell you why.

First, Kobe is obviously the greatest player in the NBA today. I don’t care what all you haters say. I don’t understand Kobe haters, and I don’t understand hating per se. I mean, why hate him? And don’t say ‘because he’s so good.’ or some such nonsense.

I mean, it doesn’t make sense. If a guy is so good at what he does, why would you hate him? I’m not saying you should love him. Nor am I particularly am a Kobe fan either. I just look at what’s out there, I see this guy is better than fucking everyone else in the league, and I call it out like it is: he is the best. Right now, and with the way he’s going, he can very well be the Best Ever.

Chew on that a little bit, hater. And tell me I’m wrong.

Now to the 2nd part this is awesome.

That’s Hakeem Olajuwon, no doubt one of the, if not the Greatest Center ever in the NBA. A mighty mix of center height and guard like ability, truly a magnificent sight to behold back in the day and until now. Which incidentally, if the ‘I hate him because he’s so good’ line of thinking is to be fairly implemented, should be hated as well, right? I mean, he’s good, so you should hate him too, right hater?

Ok enough of that. Now we go to the 3rd reason why that’s the Most Awesome Video etc.

Hakeem is teaching Kobe post moves.

I mean, think about it. Kobe’s place in history is pretty firm at this point. Championship this year or not, we will always remember and consider him to be Great. Why then, would he bother to even try to get better, right? With the money he earns he can probably pay off a large chunk of our country’s foreign debt. He and three generations of his family can afford to vacation their whole lives, and with the talent he got he can breeze through this season and no one would still be able to touch him.

Instead on an October day he was in a gym, learning post moves. From the best. And he’s not even a forward.

What this tells me is volumes of what the people of this world need to know. And I’m not even saying the little kids or anything. I’m saying grown ups, adults, women, men, old people and children all alike.

Dedication, discipline, love of what you do and sacrifice to be even better is the stuff of life. Without it, you are just taking up space in this world, just breathing in and out, living and dying without consequence.

All those kids I’ve seen playing ball everyday, all those guys I’ve played ball with may think they love the game, but look at that picture above. Do you love it enough to do what you need to do to be the best?

Forget basketball. I admit not everyone is fortunate enough to be 6’+ tall and athletic. What about the things you do in your life? Your chosen profession. The goals and dreams you’ve set for yourself. All these things require that you do what you need done to be good at it – a minimum requirement these days given how competitive everything is.

Do you do what you need to do to get it done? Do you approach the people that know what needs to get done, ask from them, and learn from them?

It took me a loooong time to put up a link to that video I know, mostly because when I see it, all these thoughts come to my head like a ton of bricks. I look at that and I see all these images of people working to fix the problems in their lives, and how I know that if they just did what they had to do, then we wouldn’t be in so much trouble.