Suns Bamboozle Blazers, Even Up at 1-1

First the pics. Here’s a pic of Suns Forward Louis Amundson blocking someone.

Then we got Dwayne Jones dunking.

Dwayne Jones

And it doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard of ’em before. All I’m trying to say is that these are definitely not Phoenix starters, but they’re making highlights and in the 4th quarter at that.

Why? Because the Suns came out with guns blazing, and totally demolished Portland 119-90. J Rich came out blazing the most with 29 points, with Grant Hill delivering 20, Amar’e at 18 and Nash 13.

So devastating were the Suns that they held Portland to just 19 points while scoring 31 of their own in the 3rd quarter.

So different were they from the first game that they upped their fastbreak points to 15 from 4, points in the paint to 38 from 48, shot 56% from 42% field goals and even rebounded +8 from +3.

Last night Kenny Smith on Inside The NBA said he didn’t think the Suns were gonna win their series against the Blazers. Charles Barkley said he thought Kenny was ‘very brave’ for saying that. I think instead he should’ve called him to it and made a bet. Not for money of course. Something silly like, use that ‘Shake Weight‘ gadget they gave to Barkley for the whole show or something. That would’ve been fun.