Hawks Breeze By Bucks to 2-0

I’ve always liked John Salmons. In the 7 game Bulls – Celtics first round 08-09 playoff season he matched up against Paul Pierce and took it to him. He’s no superstar. That role was filled by Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose. But there was no denying what he could do and it was exciting. Enough so that I kept an eye out for him ever since.

Today however against a rampaging Atlanta Hawks, not even Salmons’ 21 can salvage their cause. And so now I will decorate this post with a bunch of Hawks players dunking.
First, J. Smith

Then, Al Horford.

And from these you can guess who won and by how much: Atlanta, by 10 (96 – 86), and no it wasn’t more exciting than you’d think it was, which is what announcers and sports writers say whenever they talk about a blowout.

Instead I’ll lay it out honest – like for you. It was boring, John Salmons was the only one worth watching as he was the only one in their 1st five in double figures (21), with only two other players scoring more than ten as well (E. Ilyasova 13 and J. Stackhouse 15).

On the other hand, Atlanta had their way with all 5 starters in double figures, 3 of them with 20+ points and the amazing Joe Johnson showcasing his sharpshooting ways with 27.

I probably won’t keep an eye out for this series. Especially since what’ll come directly after (Por – Phx) delivers way higher on the entertainment scale.