LBJ's 40 Makes It 2-0 Cavs

Stat line says it all right there

I just don’t see how the Bulls are gonna make anything out of this series with the way his Royal Highness is playing. Watching LeBron James play is like.. well.. watching LeBron James play. You catch yourself saying stuff like ‘Oh My God’, and ‘What A Shot’ like you just watched your first basketball game. The things he does are so amazing you just shake your head and stfu. It’s insane. And he does it over and over again at will.

On the other hand, the Bulls featured 3 players with 20 or more pts (Deng 20, Noah 25, Rose 23), and attacked the basket with abandon often with spectacular results. For the Cavs, James was only followed by Jamison‘s 14, Moe Williams‘ 12 and Jamario Moon‘s 12, the latter mostly on left – alone 3s.

So are the Cavs on their way?

Just like last year, James was and probably will always be incredible for a good many years to come. Just like last year however, the rest of the Cavs need to man up. It’s like ‘James and the rest of the team’ again, with him producing giant plays, jaw dropping passes, gravity defying blocks and unbelievable dunks, while the rest of the team try catch up.

The Bulls were coached very well and played as well as they could. Kudos to them. The Cavs will roll over them for sure, but to my mind, are still far from going all the way. Not yet anyway.