t-mac a knick

26 pts., 1 of 3 3pts., 10-17 fg. in 32:02

Exciting? Absolutely. I’ve nearly written this guy off. Heck who hasn’t? But when I turned on the TV to listen to the Knicks – Thunder game as I got ready to take a shower (I like keeping the TV on while I do that), I found myself rushing back when I kept hearing ‘T-Mac’ from the announcers.

After realizing this wasn’t some sort of NBA Greatest Game replay, and after taking in the fact he was a Knick now (!), it finally sank in. T-Mac was back, and not only back, in the 1st half he was scoring at will.

But let’s be honest here. Somewhere near the end of the 4th he had a chance to finish Oklahoma off but he missed two crucial FTs which would’ve put them away.

And if ever there’s a Knick that deserves mention it should be former Celtic Eddie House, whose 4 of 8 3pt. shooting and 24pts. kept them in the game during overtime.

And finally if you really really get down to it, I should be ringing praises for this guy.

So I will.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of those very special players in the likeness of T-Mac, Kobe, MJ and all those other legendary guys. You may not hear a hell of a lot from him now, but trust me when I say this to you – this guy is a Class-A level, uber Superstar if I ever saw one. One of those exciting rare gems that can score at will and play at least 4 positions with ease and confidence. He can shoot 3s like Reggie, shoot from the top of the key like Kobe, throw it down with the best of them, and flat-out win games.

If you haven’t heard it yet then you’re hearing it from here first. This guy’s the man.

So anyway, back to T-Mac.

He’s a Knick now, and I’m still giddy from the exciting game even though they lost. With 4 minutes or so left in the 4Q the crowd was cheering ‘We Want T-Mac’, and my hair stood on end. It’s been awhile since my beloved Knicks had something interesting to look forward to, and I’m starting to doubt my own doubts about him (I thought NY just got him as trade bait).

After tonight though, MSG isn’t the only one excited.