And We Idolize These Guys

Used to be I really liked this guy. He had an awesome blog (and I like players who blog, and promote the heck out of them), and he came over 2 years ago and when he left, spread some love about how unexpectedly great the reception was, and encouraged others to come over.

Now, I spent the last twenty minutes smiling as I made this:

Gilbert Arenas suspended


Let me tell you what I think about guys who excessively like guns. See, I think it’s natural for the male of a species to flex his muscles from time to time, probably something in our genes that harkens from back when we were hunters / gatherers, and some fool caveman would wanna come over and steal our food and mess with the woman.

So what we’d do is to flex a bit, wave the caveman club around and show him what he’s up against, which may or may not work, but is worth a try if only because it might put fool caveman back to his place, you know? And avoid a fight.

The thing is, actual fighting has nothing to do with the swagger / extended demonstration of muscles and weapons and such. If you really wanna beat up on someone in fact, it’d be better to keep a low profile and slam on his ass when he’s not aware, right? I mean, it makes sense.

And also, dunno if you’ve noticed, we’re not cavemen anymore. We got electricity and groceries and the interwebz already, and for the most part, modern man doesn’t have to possess let alone brandish weapons to exist. I mean, I’m no gun hater or anything. But unless you live in Maguindanao or Afghanistan (oh my God I just compared Maguindanao to Afghanistan. Well, it’s not far off, really), I’m fairly sure you can live without a weapon.

At any rate, I’ve always thought people who like guns have a little too much of whatever gene it is that tells him he needs to flex his muscles and show off his weapons. And the sad thing is, it’s waaaay got nothing to do with protecting one’s self or property anymore. We’ve got the police, and for people like Arenas, trained, paid security personnel around him to do that.

All this guy needs to do is just play ball man. Now he’s blown two things he’s got going for him. First, his blog, which he was good at. Now, his game, which he’s even better at.