Artest on Kimmel

Here’s Part I:

And Part II:

Who knows why I decided to put up an Artest interview after weeks of non – activity on this blog?

Well, ok, actually I do know. It’s a case of so much stuff happening (I’m moving to Laguna, getting my car fixed, while rolling out a new feature on Kikay Exchange all at the same time), plus so many other stuff happening (the NBA remains consistently newsworthy, whilst there are other exciting things going on in the under-16 RP teams as well).

Yes I just typed above the mother of all excuses. I know I should make time for this and write whatever’s on my mind whether I’m ‘ready’ to do so or not (an important blogging tip). At any rate, after things have settled down a bit and some semblance of a normal schedule is achieved, I shall be once again my typical nonsensical self.

In the meantime whilst we’re on an Artest binge, here’s an older video of him with a Magic Mic. Yes apparently he has Pinoy relations. No, that sort of news doesn’t surprise me anymore.

2 thoughts on “Artest on Kimmel”

  1. this is off topic on this post but can you also work on the fiba asian u and the asean basketball league? been quite a silent follower of this blog and would like to hear your thoughts on this current games. 🙂 great blog!

  2. wow thanks gabriel. I checked your blog you have such amazing talent!

    Anyway I’ll see what I can do re those leagues you mentioned although honestly I’ve little news other than what we get on the papers. But I’ll try anyway, and it helps to know people read 🙂

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