We Love You Manny

Nov. 14 happens to be my birthday, so I’m really happy that I’ve none other than Manny Pacquiao to receive a gift from, courtesy of his winning his upcoming fight. And with that unrelated intro, here’re his videos from his interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

and finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, Manny’s performance which will never be forgotten in all of Phlippine sports history!!

To be honest I’ve never been able to fully digest the whole ‘for the Filipino people’ or ‘Win for the country’ schtick whenever the subject of why he should win comes up. I love the guy and he’s already shown himself as a great role model for everyone, not just Pinoys. My amazement at his achievements is not contingent of his winning some big fight anymore. He’s already proven himself many times over.

Just the fact that he’s fearless, skilled and disciplined enough to be considered the best at what he does is enough for me to admire him. It’s certainly enough for me to tolerate his singing, and momentarily allow me to forget his political and acting aspirations!

At the moment, all I just wanna say is “Go Manny!!”. I hope he wins, but not for my sake. I, along with millions of my countrymen, have had nothing to do with his success. Rather, the actions of a lot of my countryment, most particularly our leaders, have proven we’re not worth the effort, to be honest.

No, I’d rather he win for himself, because he’s worked so hard for it.