NBA's A-Comin'

Yup this blog’s been quiet. Blame it on working on my other blogs and stuff (yada excuses yada yada). But hey why not let’s get right back into it, starting with a vid re the top 10 plays of the 2009-2010 season!!

I gotta say that Kevin Durant (#10) dunk is damn exciting. It’s great to see someone whom was all just potential finally coming up and playing like an All Star like we all expected him to, and not racking up hospital bills or doing other stuff not happening on the court. And yes I’m talking about Greg Oden.

Speaking of which, the #2 Blake Griffin in your facer is also hopefully indicative of good things to come. Since I don’t follow the US NCAA I’ve no idea what this guy can do, so that’s pretty special. Not all is great and dandy however, as he’s out for six weeks with a broken left kneecap, so the possibility of another Greg Oden looms on the horizon. We’ll see.

And finally, the dunk everyone’s been talking about lately, #1 Shannon Brown’s amazing slam over Mikey Moore. It’s great to be young and athletic and dang that’s proof right there. That tailbone smashing landing is pretty scary however, but not enough to take his moment from him obviously. His stat sheet isn’t very impressive though, so maybe that explains why he had to do something spectacular to keep from getting cut. Anyway we’ll see.

At any rate, I’ll finish this post with a couple NBA commercials to get us all going. Looking forward to yet another year of watching pro US Ball.

Yeah that’s Kobe’s voice. Here’s another one, and my fave of the lot.

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