Man, Dominique Is Here.

First, a local video:

And now the lineups. For the NBA, we’ve got:

  • Robert Horry
  • Vlade Divac
  • Tim Hardaway
  • Dominique Wilkins
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • 5 to 6 up and coming talents from the NBA Developmental League or D-League.

From the PBA, we’ve got:

  1. Alvin Patrimonio
  2. Allan Caidic
  3. Ronnie Magsanoc
  4. Benjie Paras
  5. Kenneth Duremdes
  6. Wynne Arboleda
  7. Arwind Santos
  8. Sonny Thoss
  9. Willie Miller
  10. Japeth Aguilar
  11. Joseph Yeo
  12. Dondon Hontiveros
  13. Enrico Villanueva
  14. Jay-R Reyes
  15. Marc Pingris

Why I don’t wanna watch it:

Well first off, it’s not basketball. It’s an exhibition game where super athletes and retirees run around with smiles on their faces at half – strength, patting each other’s backs and doing demo dunks, demo layups, demo everything mostly. Seen that way it’s about as interesting to watch as the ‘NBA Greatest Games’ on BTV, and I get to see that on TV everyday if I want to.

Second reason is the obvious crowd it’s going to draw, full of people still living in the 70’s and 80’s like myself, probably waving jerseys and shoes they’re hoping (dreaming more like it) to get signed by their idols. Tell you what, dream on, friends. Oh no, don’t think for one second I wouldn’t want an autograph or a pic taken beside any one of these guys, but with the thousands that are gonna show up I seriously doubt it’s gonna happen, and so that means I’d be left just watching it from the sidelines like the rest of the losers.

And besides, for any remote possibility of getting some pics with these guys, you’d have to be ringside. And since Patron Seats (P2,640) and Lower Box (P2,112) are priced way too high on my enjoyment list, it looks like Gen. Admission (P264) would be the only solution for this cheapo, hence, nix to the possibility of personally telling Vlade Divac what I think of his flopping.

Having said that, here’s Why I Desperataly Wanna Watch It:

Dominique Wilkins is a Hall of Famer, a 9 time NBA All Star, an ’86 scoring Champ and goes around with the moniker ‘The Human Highlight Reel’, which by itself is already a glowing review if I ever heard one.

I followed his career a lot, and remember getting shocked at the idea of the Atlanta Hawks trading him after 12 seasons. He then went to the Clippers, then to Boston, then to Europe, then back to the States with the Spurs for one season, then back to Europe and finally back to the NBA with the Magic playing alongside brother Gerald, also a high flyer.

His stint at Boston is where I remember him most. The Celtics was at the start of a long drought at the time and the only possible spark worth watching was this amazing veteran who could outscore and outdunk most of the new guys. In a sea of wannabees and hopefuls here was this old schooler shining brighter than the rest, and I resolved in my mind to keep an eye on him. I don’t remember him to be doing any defense, but one thing he could do though was score. Double team? Score. Guard him away from the hoop? Score. One on one? He’d jam on you like in the picture above. He was one dimensional especially as he grew older, but what he could do he did spectacularly well. Boy he could score. And man just thinking about it and writing this makes me all excited.

But excited enough to shell out P2000+ and / or try to get my gf to watch a bunch of old guys hoop all the way at Araneta? I can’t even get her to watch me play.

Oh well. Maybe some sponsor will suddenly show up and wanna trade tix for ad spots on the #15th sports blog in the Phils. or something?!? Good luck to me.