Basketball News From All Over (My Version At Least)

I gotta admit I’m grasping at straws here. The UAAP Finals are still a few weeks away, and even then my team’s almost nearly out the door (and deservedly so, since, well, let’s admit it, they suck this year). At any rate, here’s a look around what’s going on, not necessarily in all of basketball, but mostly what’s gotten me interested:

Rubio to stay in Spain – If you need more proof how drafts aren’t all that relevant, then here it is. What was mostly considered the second coming of Pistol Pete has decided to wait out till he’s 21 to play with the Minnesota Timberwolves, who owns his rights from when the NBA draft was held last June.

My opinion? Good for him. At 19 he has a world of opportunity available to him to improve even more in Europe, which is even better than a kid in the US trying to improve via competing in the College ranks. Sure the ‘Wolves are gonna miss out on a crowd drawer, and they worked their ass off trying to get this deal, but you can’t fault a kid for wanting to get better first and staying home. Heck, you can’t even fault the kid for changing his mind because he’s exactly that – a kid, and as such prone to such things.

The Japeth issue – Above situation re Rubio brings to mind current brouhaha over Japeth Aguilar, whom lest we forget, is also another kid, and whom is apparently also having difficulty making decisions (if we are so to believe).

To be frank, I’ve little love for the PBA (the current one, not the past), so I was ambivalent bordering on I just don’t care. And recent further reading into the situation confirmed my feelings, or lack thereof, even more. Not that I don’t care about Japeth per se, it’s just that again, he’s a kid. Let’s leave him alone to make his decisions or indecisions, and should he make a bad one, hopefully not make it seem any worse. In the grand scheme of things, we are all allowed to make mistakes whilst young, from which we learn and grow forth. Making a decision is hard enough in itself, the fact that there are great lumps of money plus pressure from peers and adults actually makes me glad I wasn’t an athletic 6’9 with handles.

I keep emphasizing these guys are just kids and for good reason. I wish the best for them but more so, hope they make their decisions on their terms. The results of which, good or bad, are for them alone to accept anyway, and not us.

DLSU nearly out the door – Yeah I know I’m supposed to cheer for them, but again in the great scheme of things (I like using that phrase when I’m about to say something that’d probably make people want to throw rotten tomatoes at me), that’s basketball for you.

What I’ve always loved about basketball or sports for that matter is just how fair it is. That pic of a rim and goal above this blog is a symbol not only of a place I used to go to but also of how unyielding the game is to players and teams who don’t abide by its rules. And the simple rule in basketball is: the team that works to score more, wins. No matter who you are or how important you think you are that goal isn’t gonna get any lower or that rim isn’t gonna get any wider for you. You can break that rule down into tiny little observations here and there, but that basic rule stays. You suck, you lose. Play well, you win.

DLSU this year, sucked (here’s the part where you throw the tomatoes, DLSU fans). BUT here’s the good part: They tried anyway, and for the most part of the early going they held their heads high and played as well as we’d come to expect a DLSU team to play well until they just couldn’t keep up appearances anymore and started to succumb to better teams. And no I’m not going to go motivational speech on you ala The Mighty Ducks or Hoosiers. It’s just, I find great value in that. Value in still trying to succeed when you’re outgunned and outplayed. So long as you’re not outclassed, it’s all good. That’s good basketball for you.

Asean Basketball League Launches – Ok so now there’s an Asean Basketball League, ftg. the Philippine Patriots, the Brunei Barracudas, the Kuala Lumpur Dragons, the Satria Muda BritAma (Indonesia) and the Thailand Tigers. News info from here and here, and with a largely useless Wikipedia page (as of this moment) here.

For the most part, I can imagine most people shaking their heads going ‘another basketball league’? and bewail the fact we’re not concentrating on soccer instead or even running, the current sport de jeur. And the sad thing is there’s actually truth in that. But then again, I’m talking about it mostly because this is a basketball blog and hence, should talk about a local basketball league whatever size it is. And if you think about it, that’s what sports leagues philosophies should be about as well. I mean, who cares if no one watches? They wanna put up a league, so go put up a league! So there you go.

Prob is, this is a pro league, so that means it better make money soon, or go the way of the much bewailed MBA. So here’s a tip: there’s this thing called ‘The Internet’ – Please Use it. Give us bloggers stuff to write about on slow news days such as this, and we will reward you. Boy will we ever reward you. Other than that I know nothing else about running a league so I’ll shut up.

Well, that’s what I got for now. I’ll come back tomorrow with more observations on other stuff. Maybe.