David Stern Down At The Barbershop

Slow going this long weekend, so today I bring you an excellent find, a vid ftg. NBA Comm. David Stern in a barbershop talking about amongst other topics, the dress code, the one year in high school before the NBA rule..

..an opinion re the Artest fight 2 years ago, plus an NBA 09-10 Finals prediction!

Seriously if I were there, I’d ask the ff.:

Hack-A-Shaq : I believe that every few years you get this player with whom the rules might be called to change, the primary example to my mind is Shaq – a player you want in the final moments of a game, but who can’t shoot ‘throws to save his life. And so teams, most notably the Spurs, take the Hack A Shaq route, effectively fouling a guy to get an advantage. Heck, they even hack when they’re ahead. It is imho one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen in Pro Sports, yet it makes sense and actually draws results. Therefore, the quandary – Do you change the rules to disallow such a thing, or do you leave things as they are and put the pressure on Shaq – the only guy who can really stop Hack-A-Shaq, by forcing him to improve his FTs?

Flopping : In soccer, flopping is an art. In fact, those guys practice it to perfection and fans celebrate the guys who trick the refs. Small wonder therefore, that Euro players are good at this. They see nothing wrong with it, and keep at it ad nauseam. It is the one thing that keeps me from idolizing Manu Ginobili. I think the guy is fantastic, but just when I’m close to putting him on a pedestal I remember all those times he’d fall on the floor writhing in imaginary pain and I’m instantly turned off. Flopping is cheating and so does Red Auerbach, and incidentally it’s one of those violations you can find when you watch tape afterwards. What is the NBA gonna do about this?

There are a few other things I might come up with, such as maybe cheating allegations and what are they gonna do about it. There are some games in the past season, notably involving the Cavs, which continues to make me shake my head.

Overall though, it’d be great to talk to a guy like him. Whatever anyone says, he’s successfully seen the league through highs and lows, and doesn’t get as much credit as he should, imo. I thought of ending this with a wish directed to Comm. Barrios doing the same thing, but after thinking about it I realized it wouldn’t work out primarily because he’d probably say no, and secondly because it just wouldn’t be as interesting to me.

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