Liveblogging FIBA-Asia – Phils. vs. Iran

RP vs. Iran (FIBA-Asia) (08/11/2009) 

10:51 [Comment From theodip]
Good Luck Team Pilipinas!
10:52 Good morning sports fans. Thank you for joining me today as I liveblog the RP vs. Iran game.
10:53 the lineups are being announced for both teams.
10:53 announcers are Patricia Bermudez Hizon and unfortunately, Ronnie Magsanoc who talks too much, but that’s ok.
10:53 [Comment From theodip]
thank you also for making this happen! youre a big help to us not being able to watch live because of work.
10:53 not a problem theo.
10:54 and to all the corporate slaves out there, you can just cover this with an excel spreadsheet or something, para di obvious ;P
10:54 rp national anthem now being played.
10:54 [Comment From theodip]
Yeah! thats what im doin right now! hehe!
10:55 theo if you can take a pic and send it to I would really appreciate it 🙂
10:55 now iran national anthem.
10:55 Iran is in white, RP is in red. Niice looking red uniforms. I’d really like one.
10:55 [Comment From theodip]
yes i will thanks thanks!
10:55 thank you!
10:56 alright, end of starting ceremonies. starting 5s to be announced.
10:57 so far, rp has defended the 3pt shot very well. even sokor and taiwan were unable to significantly sink 3s.
10:57 actually, rp defense fairly good so far.
10:58 rp issues are mostly off. rebounding and inconsistent shooting.
10:58 rp positives are great shooting (at least yesterday), and ability to fastbreak before defense sets.
10:59 [Comment From theodip]
yes i agree! they must be consistent on their long bombs and hopefully kerby must pick up his game. better shot selections.
10:59 yeah kerby is underperforming.
10:59 ok starting 5s.
10:59 rp: thoss, helterbrand, dillinger, yap, baguio.
11:00 i will refer to iran by their jersey numbers again sorry, am not familiar with them.
11:01 tip off!
11:01 taulava also, sorry
11:01 rp called for foul on #7 drive.
11:01 iran turns it over. good d.
11:02 iran tips ball out, rp retains poss.
11:02 baguio looper, scores
11:02 [Comment From theodip]
nice D
11:02 iran miss 3
11:03 thoss sinks j on ft line
11:03 4-0 rp
11:03 [Comment From Guest]
scaore pls
11:03 #7 3 pt airball.
11:03 iran complaining about something
11:03 rp turns it over
11:03 [Comment From Guest]
so far so good for rp
11:04 8:10 left in q1
11:04 iran scores
11:04 helterbrand scores 3
11:04 [Comment From micolo]
so far so good
11:04 off taulava pick.
11:05 helterbrand’s man gets away, #6, drives, misses but fouled
11:05 #6 1 of 2 fts.
11:05 rp turns it over again.
11:05 stop asking for scores and times pls, ill just provide it.
11:05 iran scores.
11:05 5-7 iran
11:06 iran steals it.
11:06 iran turns it over.
11:06 [Comment From theodip]
we have to minimize our TOs and fouls. its killing us!
11:06 [Comment From Guest]
score pls
11:06 [Comment From theodip]
TOs are killing us
11:06 6:47 left in q1
11:06 dillinger drive blocked
11:06 #14 nika, drive on fbreak fouled.
11:07 #14 i believe plays for the nba.
11:07 #14 1 of 2 fts
11:07 7-6 rp
11:07 miller blocked, but goes out of bounds, rp retains poss
11:08 taulava forced to shoot 3, miss, almost shotclock viol
11:08 #6 fouled shooting 3 by dillinger
11:08 #6 will shoot 3 fts.
11:08 [Comment From theodip]
Yup! he’s gonna give us Hell unless we adjust our defense.
11:09 #6 sinks 3 of 3 fts
11:09 rp poss
11:09 dillinger bad pass, turns it over
11:09 itan fbreak results in score
11:10 iran sorry
11:10 dillinger drive miss
11:10 #12 strong drive, miss but fouled by rp
11:10 [Comment From score po]
score po
11:10 #12 makes 1 of 1
11:11 14-7 iran
11:11 miller scores j
11:11 14-9 iran
11:11 santos called for foul
11:12 #14 sinks 1 of 2 fts
11:12 santos miss 3
11:12 #14 sinks 3
11:12 18-9 iran
11:12 baguio sinks 3
11:13 #15, iran center, sinks easy shot
11:13 baguio turnover. #7 all alone score
11:13 22-12 iran
11:13 2:53 left in q1
11:13 asi shoots long 2 miss
11:13 iran defense strong.
11:14 iran miss
11:14 miller uses glass, sinks j
11:14 22-14 iran
11:14 iran turnover
11:14 [Comment From Guest]
pasok si yap
11:14 2:00 left in q1
11:14 miller miss 3
11:15 #7 scores 3
11:15 pennisi miss 3
11:15 iran turns it over.
11:15 [Comment From .]
11:15 [Comment From theodip]
from what i am reading right now, our FG% is way down. probably bad shot selections. I hope they’ll adjust in the next 3 quarters.
11:15 yap miss j
11:16 iran turns it over
11:16 miller miss 3
11:16 miller turns it over
11:16 [Comment From vance]
go rp
11:16 [Comment From theodip]
hopefully our defense will hold. it must hold.
11:16 #14 strong drive scores
11:17 rp heave, miss
11:17 end of q1
11:17 [Comment From Guest]
very low 3 pt %
11:17 [Comment From vance]
score pls
11:17 [Comment From Baby James]
Go Daddy……
11:17 [Comment From .]
score pls!
11:18 [Comment From Guest]
whats the score?
11:18 [Comment From rmmc]
pag ampo mo oi
11:18 [Comment From vance]
three points and defense are the key
11:18 [Comment From test]
omg 27-14.. IRAN. go phil
11:18 [Comment From vance]
yeah score pls?
11:18 [Comment From Guest]
where is aguilar ?
11:18 [Comment From Guest]
better bring back quinito if this girl announcer has a high pitch tone…sakit sa tenga
11:18 [Comment From test]
i believe aguilar is injured
11:18 [Comment From vance]
27-14 the game is not over. Aguilar is injured i think
11:19 ok were back
11:19 27-14 iran
11:19 pennisi miss 3
11:19 [Comment From Guest]
a girl announcer in basketball com’on
11:19 [Comment From rmmc]
wer can i watch live streaming
11:19 #15 center scores
11:20 pennisi drive miss, kerby putback miss
11:20 [Comment From Guest]
27 iran?
11:20 [Comment From theodip]
we can do this
11:20 #15 miss but fouled by pennisi
11:20 [Comment From Guest]
ch 9 live tayo pinas
11:20 #15 wil shoot fts
11:20 #15 1 of 2 fts
11:21 iran poss
11:21 #14 strong drive on norwood, miss but fouled
11:21 [Comment From Guest]
opis me e.. 😀
11:21 [Comment From Rommel]
Go RP team. Kaya natin ito.
11:21 [Comment From renmark]
go pinas! ilabas na natin lahat ng alas natin
11:21 [Comment From renmark]
Its time
11:21 rp timeout
11:22 i heard guiao ripping the guys before the commercial
11:22 [Comment From Geoff]
Kaya yan!
11:22 [Comment From theodip]
#15 is Hedadi? The NBA player right?
11:22 yes hedadi. they have 2 nba players i thnk.
11:22 [Comment From rmmc]
team rp pag tarong mo oi
11:22 [Comment From Guest]
nice time out….i think helterbrand has d hot hand today…bring him in coach…miller out
11:22 [Comment From test]
27-14. IRAN. Hedadi plays for memphis
11:23 #14 sinks 1 of 2 fts
11:23 31-14 iran
11:23 yap miss 3
11:23 [Comment From SSL 443]
its already 30 – 14. IRAN
11:24 #7 makes 3
11:24 oh no it wasnt counted, but iran scores on drive anyway
11:24 36-14 iran
11:24 rp miss
11:24 7:39 in q2
11:24 hedadi easy pivot and score
11:25 [Comment From theodip]
Damn tatambakan na yata tayo.
11:25 another rp turnover
11:25 hedadi loses ball turnover
11:25 38-14 iran
11:25 norwood miss j
11:25 [Comment From Geoff]
Tambak pala tau!
11:26 [Comment From rmmc]
sure ball pinas
11:26 [Comment From Geoff]
sus kaya yan!
11:26 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
Go Philippines, don’t lose hope.
11:26 iran miss 3
11:26 yap sinks 3
11:26 [Comment From Geoff]
potek baket lagi miss?
11:26 [Comment From Guest]
we jump them early but became tentative…just get ur flow guys…it’s just a game…
11:26 [Comment From Guest]
11:26 [Comment From max delantes]
Don’t give up! We need 3s!
11:27 iran miss, hedadi reb, #7 sinks 3
11:27 41-17 iran
11:27 pennisi sinks 3
11:27 [Comment From theodip]
11:27 [Comment From DOTTIE]
11:27 [Comment From rmmc]
let us all pray
11:27 norwood fouls #14 again.
11:27 [Comment From DOTTIE]
11:27 [Comment From Baby James]
Go Daddy James
11:28 [Comment From Rommel]
Gising Team. Kaya iyan….
11:28 [Comment From rmmc]
play better defense rp
11:28 iran miss 3
11:28 41-20 iran
11:28 pennisi miss 3
11:28 [Comment From Guest]
kahit 2 poinst lang ang lamang mayabang yan iran na yan
11:28 #15 sinks j
11:28 [Comment From Guest]
amen…upakan nyo na yun nag tre-tres sa kanila….at yun centro
11:29 yap sinks 3
11:29 [Comment From ronnie]
whose leading
11:29 [Comment From theodip]
DFense! DFense!
11:29 norwood fouls #13
11:29 #10 sorry
11:29 [Comment From Guest]
malabo ang mata ng mga yan mapokullang bula hin nyo
11:29 [Comment From rmmc]
lets nuke iran
11:29 [Comment From theodip]
Go James!
11:29 [Comment From ronnie]
may pag asa pa ba yung kababayan natin
11:30 #10 sinks 1 of 2
11:30 i think these are their benchplayers now
11:30 45-23 iran
11:30 norwood sinks 3
11:30 [Comment From Guest]
gulatin nyo magugulatin yan
11:30 [Comment From Rommel]
Three poin bombs are needed. Go James and Willie
11:30 miller steals
11:30 miller fouled by #8
11:31 [Comment From DOTTIE]
11:31 [Comment From ronnie]
go go go james
11:31 [Comment From theodip]
we don’t have nukes rmmc, Iran does! Hehehe!
11:31 [Comment From theodip]
Go Kaya pa yan!
11:31 [Comment From ronnie]
bangon mga kabayan
11:31 miller sinks 1 of 2 fts
11:31 45-27 iran
11:31 3:00 left in q2
11:31 #15 miss
11:31 miller miss 3
11:32 norwood blocked by hedadi
11:32 #10 great shot underneath
11:32 47-27 iran
11:32 norwood sinks 3
11:32 no just a long 2
11:32 hedadi fake, drive, fouled
11:32 [Comment From rmmc]
cge kulam na lng gamitin natin vs iran
11:33 [Comment From Guest]
yan ang khinaan ng nga iran at china ,malabo ang mata at madaling budlahin
11:33 [Comment From ronnie]
wala ba si asi kaya barakuhin ni asi yan
11:33 [Comment From DOTTIE]
11:33 [Comment From Rommel]
Habol team. Kaya iyan ………
11:33 [Comment From theodip]
Go gabe!
11:33 [Comment From ronnie]
dati rati nilalampaso natin yang mga iran na yan wats wrong wid u guys kaya natin yan
11:33 im gonna start blocking racist comments sorry. I approve each one.
11:33 49-29 iran, 1:36 left in q2
11:33 norwood sinks j
11:34 1:19 left
11:34 hedadi turns it over
11:34 goes back to iran, iran scores 3
11:34 yap sinks 3
11:34 yap shooting the lights out
11:34 51-34 iran
11:35 iran possession, will take last shot
11:35 iran miss 3
11:35 miller heave, miss
11:35 51-34 iran
11:35 halftime
11:35 [Comment From renmark]
me nba player kasi sila
11:35 [Comment From DOTTIE]
yap!!! do more 3’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:36 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
Makakabawi pa tayo. adjusments lang yan tulad ng games against Japan. Go Philippines!
11:36 [Comment From rmmc]
halftime na, lets pray for team pinas
11:36 [Comment From theodip]
yeah kaya pa yan!!! habol second half! adjust Defense and limit the TOs
11:36 [Comment From rmmc]
iran yabang nila
11:36 [Comment From Rommel]
Ang laki ng lamang. Kaya habulin iyan. Biglain ninyo sa start ng 3rd Q.
11:37 [Comment From Guest]
sabi na nga na malabo ang mata ng mga yan practisado lang sa pagpokul kac malalaki nag kamay
11:37 it’s Ehadadi, sorry.
11:38 [Comment From DOTTIE]
kakabahan yang mga iran na yan if makalapit ang pinas. pangatog yan sila!
11:38 [Comment From Guest]
alam ko yan kc isang taon ako nagtrabaho sa iran
11:38 [Comment From rmmc]
go phil
11:38 [Comment From Guest]
peru pag nagulat yan kabado na,,,
11:39 Hamed Haddadi plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, he has a contract until 2013
11:39 he is 24 yrs old and stands 7’2
11:39 [Comment From Rommel]
Tahimik ang big guys natin. Hindi ba kaya? Where are Asi, Thoss, Arwin and Japet?
11:39 [Comment From Guest]
ang mga intsik ganon din malabo ang mata
11:40 [Comment From Geoff]
nagagamit ba yang heddadi na yan?
11:40 [Comment From theodip]
2013 pa pala contract nya dun.. project nga lang talaga for now. gagaling pa yan!
11:40 [Comment From Baby James]
ipasok c sonny Thoss
11:40 nagagamit? he is dominating this game.
11:40 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
Wala lang talaga tayong legitimate center.
11:40 he is FIBA Asia 2007 MVP
11:41 [Comment From theodip]
17 pts na ba sya?
11:41 [Comment From Geist]
kaya eto with good defense
11:41 [Comment From DOTTIE]
are we just dreaming to win this?
11:41 [Comment From Rommel]
Grabe ang aga ng laro. 7am nagsimula dito sa Dubai.
11:42 are we dreaming? Yeah I think, if we don’t have a national team that practices together year after year. However, that’s difficult because our players have to make a living in the PBA.
11:42 [Comment From ken]
kaya pa yan guys. better defense at filed goals…
11:42 [Comment From DOTTIE]
how about with Kuwait, does RP have a chance of winning?
11:43 havent seen Kuwait unfortunately.
11:43 i think if we practice for a whole year, we are at least better than sokor.
11:43 [Comment From ken]
field sorry
11:43 [Comment From rmmc]
dapat small ball para mabilis scoring
11:43 [Comment From theodip]
@ Dottie, let’s just hope this will be a good dream and not a nightmare. Vs. Kuwait our chances are very good.
11:43 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
We do have a good program now, the team being handled by Coach Toroman; The Smart Gilas Team, they are the future of Philippine Basketball.
11:44 [Comment From DOTTIE]
🙂 that made my hopes go high!!!
11:44 base your hopes on ability and the team’s chances of practicing together. Not anything else. Not religion, race, etc.
11:45 some of the comments here are demeaning and i’m quite disappointed. I have decided not to publish them.
11:45 [Comment From rmmc]
but we lack big men
11:45 [Comment From mosheex]
guys positve thinking lng lagi….gaano man kaliit ang tsansa….
11:45 [Comment From Guest]
wala kc c dondon
11:45 [Comment From DOTTIE]
sports unites filipinos. so i think this is one way we could get going for a better life :-). thats part of my hope!
11:45 ok start of q3
11:46 [Comment From theodip]
If we win against kuwait tomorrow we are sure of getting to the quarterfinals. lets just hope that our next opponent is not jordan or china.
11:46 [Comment From rmmc]
i think we have a good chance playing small ball like golden state warriors
11:46 [Comment From DOTTIE]
oh my!!!!! a good start sana!
11:46 [Comment From theodip]
Lets go Pilipinas!
11:46 51-34 iran.
11:46 #5 drive, fouled by baguio
11:47 #5 scores 2 of 2 fts
11:47 norwood miss 3
11:47 #7 miss 3
11:47 #14 strong drive miss but fouled by dillinger
11:48 [Comment From rmmc]
fast and efficient
11:48 [Comment From rmmc]
sana dumami pa shooters natin ala caidic
11:48 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Team. Inahan ninyo at biglain. Malaki ang lamang.
11:48 [Comment From DOTTIE]
is baguio done good the last 2 quarters?
11:48 [Comment From theodip]
what a way to start! hehehe! push push push!
11:48 [Comment From Geist]
a good defense is no foul at all.
11:48 #14 sinks 2 of 2 fts.
11:48 thoss turns it over
11:48 #14 drive, scores
11:48 rp timeout
11:49 57-34 iran
11:49 [Comment From DOTTIE]
they are really depending on 3 points!
11:49 [Comment From rmmc]
dont fall n luv w 3s
11:49 [Comment From Geoff]
grabe ang bilis!
11:49 [Comment From rmmc]
good timeout lets regroup
11:49 [Comment From theodip]
wow bad start
11:49 [Comment From rmmc]
zero turnovers dapat
11:49 [Comment From Geoff]
Di ba kaya ng full court press yan?
11:49 [Comment From derik]
kaya pa yan tol
11:50 back
11:50 baguio sinks j
11:50 thoss called for foul
11:50 [Comment From DOTTIE]
makalapit man lang sana…….ang score
11:50 [Comment From derik]
go rp go
11:50 [Comment From rmmc]
kapit pinoy
11:51 dillinger miss 3, gets reb
11:51 baguio drive, almost turnover, rp retains poss
11:51 hedadi still playing, he’s not rested.
11:51 jayjay sinks 3
11:51 57-39 iran
11:52 #12 sinks j
11:52 dillinger almost turnover, rp retains poss
11:52 thosss miss 3
11:52 rp shotclock violation
11:52 [Comment From Geoff]
ano na ba score?
11:52 [Comment From ian]
11:53 [Comment From DOTTIE]
is yap inside?
11:53 [Comment From theodip]
Go Pinas! Habol tayo!
11:53 59-39 iran
11:53 #15 sinks it (hedadi)
11:53 dillinger sinks 3
11:53 [Comment From Rommel]
Ngayon kailagan ang 3 points natin. Go Team….
11:53 [Comment From theodip]
that Ehadadi dude is tough…
11:53 iran sinks layup
11:54 rp miss
11:54 baguio steals, layup miss
11:54 63-42 iran
11:54 iran still running their plays
11:54 hedadi pivot fake, shot, scores
11:54 5:00 left in q3
11:54 thoss miss 3
11:55 but rp retains poss, foul away from ball
11:55 [Comment From Guest]
ano b yan
11:55 [Comment From ian]
grabe na ang lamang no chance at all
11:55 [Comment From hardy]
11:55 baguio sinks undergoal
11:55 [Comment From ian]
taulava wer u
11:55 rp steals ball
11:55 jayjay sinks 3
11:56 65-47 iran
11:56 4:14 left in q3
11:56 dillinger called for foul
11:56 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
Thoss missed 4 threes already.
11:56 [Comment From theodip]
kaya pa yan!
11:56 [Comment From DOTTIE]
woh! naisahan sila ni baguio
11:56 [Comment From Guest]
takot si asi at japet
11:56 [Comment From ian]
rp team mag soccer na lang kau.
11:56 [Comment From theodip]
Go Go go!
11:56 iran scores 3
11:57 baguio baseline j, sinks it
11:57 68-49 iran
11:57 iran miss
11:57 norwood big jam on fbreak
11:57 [Comment From Rommel]
Big men of RP, Where are you guys?
11:57 [Comment From ian]
rp uwi na kau
11:57 [Comment From Geist]
thoss should not be attempting threes. go for high percentage shot.
11:57 [Comment From jong]
they should be making all those 3s. mas malapit lapit lang distance in the amateurs
11:57 [Comment From ian]
walang sinabi nag tall guys natin
11:57 [Comment From SSL 443]
bakit ba nagtetres si thoss… he should bang inside and try to get some fouls on the big men of iran..
11:58 miller fouls #6,
11:58 [Comment From ian]
milagro na lang ang pagasa
11:58 [Comment From derik]
tang na mo ian
11:58 [Comment From theodip]
Go Gabe!
11:58 [Comment From renmark]
oww! panis ka iran ke norwood
11:58 #6 sinks 2 of 2 fts
11:58 norwood miss 3
11:58 miller miss
11:58 [Comment From derik]
ikaw na lang umuwi
11:59 [Comment From Guest]
buto pa si norwod
11:59 iran sinks 3
11:59 22 pt lead iran
11:59 norwood stopped
11:59 #6 miss on layup
11:59 miller sinks 3
11:59 iran 2nd unit is not as disciplined.
12:00 hedadi surrounded by rp, still gets reb and putback, miss but fouled
12:00 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
Walang tiwala sa sarili si Thoss kaya d pumapasok 3 nya.
12:00 [Comment From ian]
kulang sa practice c thoss tira lang ng tira cgurado na ang talo
12:00 [Comment From DOTTIE]
this is a lesson! RP will learn from this. yun ang biggest gain!
12:00 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
more 3’s please.
12:00 [Comment From Guest]
12:00 [Comment From jong]
miller, yap, even kerby should be shooting 3s. not thoss and the big guys, tsk tsk
12:00 #15 1 of 2 fts
12:01 74-54 iran
12:01 pennisi miss
12:01 yap miss 3
12:01 pennisi miss 3
12:01 :55 left in q3
12:01 iran miss 3
12:01 pennisi miss 3
12:02 putback by norwood
12:02 iran miss drive, no foul called
12:02 yap desperation shot..
12:02 counted or not?
12:03 they didnt say
12:03 [Comment From GinDubai]
talo na
12:03 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Team. Ibaba ninyo sa 10 bago matapos ang 3Q.
12:03 [Comment From Geist]
believe me kerby cannot shoot 3. he should settle for high percentage shot.
12:04 [Comment From DOTTIE]
cant get over the 20 deficit 🙁
12:04 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
Wala na talagang katulad si Allan Caidic.
12:04 [Comment From jong]
baka nakalimtuan na agad yung korea lesson
12:04 [Comment From JOBERT PLAZA]
12:04 [Comment From DOTTIE]
ang bilis! tsk.
12:04 [Comment From Geist]
pennisi, yap, jajay, miller legit 3s. please please. no big guys shooting 3..
12:04 [Comment From ronald]
mahina talaga ang pinas
12:04 [Comment From Rommel]
Habol Pinas…… Tao din iyan ………
12:04 [Comment From Guest]
score pls
12:04 [Comment From DOTTIE]
12:04 [Comment From renmark]
counted un
12:04 counted.
12:05 ok start of q4
12:05 16 pt lead by iran
12:05 rp scores
12:05 74-60 iran
12:05 iran turns it over.
12:05 [Comment From DOTTIE]
12:05 [Comment From Guest]
12:05 [Comment From Baby James]
daddy james more 3 points
12:05 [Comment From Guest]
asa pa
12:06 yap miss j
12:06 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
May isang quarter pa,,,, kaya yan guys.
12:06 #6 fouled, retains poss
12:06 i cant approve comments anymore, too many. need to concentrate sorry.
12:06 iran possession
12:07 yap turns it over.
12:07 #14 spin move, scores. they are very disciplined.
12:07 norwood miss j
12:07 yap sinks 3
12:08 after norwood steal
12:08 13pt lead na lang po.
12:08 #14 layup scores
12:08 yap miss
12:09 #14 fouls asi, asi to ft line.
12:09 no more comments sorry. too many.
12:09 asi makes 1 of 2 fts.
12:09 7:25 left in game
12:09 78-64 iran
12:10 hedadi hopefully is tired by now, he has had no rest.
12:10 ira miss 3
12:10 dillinger miss drive.
12:10 asi gets off reb, fouled.
12:10 6:53 left
12:11 asi fouls hedadi.
12:11 hedadi and asi laughing
12:11 #14 good drive scores
12:11 dillinger sinks 3
12:11 83-67 iran
12:12 #15 miss
12:12 miller tried to pass to asi, turns it over.
12:12 5:15 left
12:13 #6 drive, miss but fouled by asi.
12:13 i can hear guiao screaming
12:13 #6 sinks 2 of 2 fts
12:13 rp halfcourt d not really good.
12:13 miller sinks 3
12:14 grabe and 3pt shooting. amazing.
12:14 4:30 left
12:14 12 pt lead iran.
12:14 iran shotclock violation, turns it over.
12:14 no ref changes his mind. stays with iran.
12:14 iran miss 3
12:15 rp possession.
12:15 4:15 left
12:15 miller sinks 3
12:15 i love you willie.
12:15 9 pt lead iran.
12:15 #14 blocked by thoss
12:15 dilinger blocked by edadi
12:16 hedadi is hurt, he is on floor still
12:16 after blocking dilinger he bent over and fell.
12:16 iran turned it over, rp possession.
12:16 rp turns it over.
12:16 iran has not rested hedadi at all. might be their mistake.
12:17 iran scores on open j #12
12:17 84-73 iran
12:17 miller bad pass turns it over
12:17 iran called for off foul great move by dillinger
12:17 84-73 iran
12:17 2:36 left
12:18 rp possession
12:18 yap double teamed
12:18 yap miss 3
12:18 hedadi gets reb, but fouled.
12:18 great ball passing by rp
12:18 di lang pumasok
12:18 2:00 left
12:19 iran sinks 3
12:19 yap miss 3
12:19 dillinger miss 3
12:19 thoss gets off reb, putback scores.
12:19 87-75 iran
12:19 1:30 left
12:19 asi called for foul
12:20 hedadi goes to ft line
12:20 hedadi 1 of 2 fts
12:20 yap miss 3
12:20 yap miss another 3
12:21 dillinger sinks 3
12:21 10 pt left
12:21 54 secs left
12:21 hedadi now on bench
12:21 miller fantastic spin but miss layup
12:21 36 secs left
12:21 83-78 iran.
12:21 iran wasting clock
12:21 iran shotclock violation
12:22 dillinger miss 3
12:22 83-78 iran
12:22 final
12:22 sorry sorry thats 88-78
12:23 88-78
12:23 wait let me check
12:23 88 nga
12:23 Ok, thank you everyone for joining me today.
12:24 I’ll just approve all comments then shut this down.
12:24 [Comment From Guest]
ano score
12:24 [Comment From jimboy]
where are they showing this on local tv? kahit replay?
12:24 [Comment From DOTTIE]
12:24 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Team. Laban……….
12:24 [Comment From DOTTIE]
wow! naibaba na
12:24 [Comment From Luis]
pwede pa yan.
12:24 [Comment From Luis LLanera]
This is it guys. hataw na!
12:24 [Comment From DOTTIE]
kabado na iran!!!
12:24 [Comment From Geist]
go team. defense.
12:24 [Comment From Rommel]
Good start. Biglain ninyo…. Malaki ang lamang
12:25 [Comment From KENT]
12:25 [Comment From Luis]
go phil
12:25 [Comment From Guest]
go RP team
12:25 [Comment From DOTTIE]
com dont spoil this @ the one who said asa pa
12:25 rp is now 3rd place in group b.
12:25 [Comment From Guest]
bugbogan na
12:25 [Comment From KENT]
12:25 [Comment From Guest]
12:25 [Comment From Luis]
3 pa
12:25 [Comment From Guest]
12:25 [Comment From Guest]
12:25 [Comment From ronald]
kaya yan mag miss lang iran
12:25 [Comment From Rommel]
Observe na lamang tayo sa feed ni Gary
12:25 [Comment From Guest]
yan oras
12:26 [Comment From Guest]
12:26 [Comment From Guest]
12:26 [Comment From Guest]
12:26 [Comment From DOTTIE]
no problem! its okay
12:26 [Comment From ronie]
di pa ba tapos laban
12:26 [Comment From Guest]
think positve walang a-ayaw
12:26 [Comment From ronie]
talo na naman pinas tapos magkokomento na naman ang coach ng iran na balewala lang laban., damn
12:26 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Team. Ilaban ninyo
12:26 [Comment From GinDubai]
unti na lang
12:26 [Comment From max delantes]
Yahoo! Yeeah!!! Go RP Team!
12:26 [Comment From Guest]
12:26 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Team. Iyan na ang last effort
12:26 [Comment From miller fanatic]
go miller… kya pa yan..defense
12:26 [Comment From rmmc]
score update
12:26 [Comment From max delantes]
Defense! Defense!
12:26 [Comment From rmmc]
go phil
12:26 [Comment From SSL 443]
12:27 [Comment From Rommel]
Miller Time
12:27 [Comment From ronnie]
ayusin natin mga kababayan
12:27 [Comment From GinDubai]
Sayang naibaba na!!
12:27 [Comment From rmmc]
wat quarter?
12:27 [Comment From big james]
yap help niller…
12:27 [Comment From Guest]
sana wag maging malaki ang ulo ng players
12:27 [Comment From rmmc]
what quarter?
12:27 [Comment From renmark]
the dagger
12:27 [Comment From jill]
12:27 [Comment From big james]
miller lang sa 3pts
12:27 [Comment From theodip]
12:27 [Comment From next fiba]
kunin n nten center cna batista en rodman=p
12:27 [Comment From Guest]
12:27 [Comment From vince]
me pagasa pa ba
12:27 [Comment From theodip]
Thanks a lot Gary! Bawi tayo sa kuwait tomorrow!
12:27 [Comment From jimboy]
thought it was close
12:27 [Comment From theodip]
Good fight! Nice game. we learned a lot!
12:27 [Comment From DOTTIE]
good game!!!
12:27 [Comment From Rommel]
Thanks Gary. Kuwait naman bukas. What time?
12:28 [Comment From renmark]
win or loss im proud of this guys!
12:28 [Comment From renmark]
go powerade
12:28 [Comment From jimboy]
what happens next?
12:28 [Comment From vince]
me chance pa ba
12:28 [Comment From Guest]
bro, how many 3 point conversion rp team made?
12:28 [Comment From DOTTIE]
thank you too…. so much!!!!
12:28 [Comment From Guest]
sayang naman
12:28 [Comment From DOTTIE]
what does it mean? the ranking..pls i dont know kasi
12:28 [Comment From renmark]
guys me pag asa pba pra mkapasok sa quarterfinals ang rp?
12:28 [Comment From renmark]
tol anu pa ba importante laban ng pinas para makapasok sa uarter finals
12:28 whew ok that’s all the comments.
12:28 alright, thank you once again to everyone who joined me today.
12:29 the kuwait rp game sched is on the right side of this website.
12:29 i don’t think i’ll be liveblogging that as I need to get some work done. But I’ll be liveblogging the big ones and the ADMU-DLSU game this weekend for sure.
12:30 thanks again, see you soon and have a good lunch.
12:30 [Comment From renmark]
tol sandali me tanong ko
12:30 [Comment From renmark]
tol anu oras laban bukas
12:30 [Comment From renmark]
tol anu na
12:30 [Comment From .]
sagutin mo naman tanong
12:30 [Comment From renmark]
tol makakapasok pa ba tayo sa uarter finals
12:31 [Comment From renmark]
thanks tol
12:31 [Comment From jimboy]
renmark: 9:00am aug 12
12:31 [Comment From concern C.]
sayang… mey pag-asa pb PHILS??
12:31 yes I think we get in qfinals if we win against kuwait pero I’m not sure. Confirm niyo na lang sa news.
12:31 [Comment From radon]
bro, how many 3 point conversion rp team made?
12:32 i don’t have any stat sheet so I don’t know scores, etc. Sensya na.
12:32 ok I need to close this down now and get back to work. Thank you again!
12:32 [Comment From renmark]
tol me pag asa pba sa quarter final round pinas
12:32 [Comment From renmark]
salamat jim
12:33 [Comment From radon]
thanx bro