Liveblogging ADMU vs. DLSU

ADMU vs. DLSU (08/09/2009) 
4:12 Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Gary and today I am going to liveblog the first game between the De La Salle Green Archers vs. the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles UAAP Men’s Senior basketball teams.
4:14 at the moment the UE FEU game is still in the fourth quarter. RR Garcia is shooting freethrows, feu is ahead 76-72.
4:16 it is a terrific game. Cervantes and Llagas have figured in an incident. Previous to this, Espiritu was sent to the locker room for stitches after a wayward elbow from Aldrich Ramos.
4:16 so far, uaap season 72 has been exciting.
4:17 feu has this in the bag.
4:17 3.7 secs left.
4:19 feu wins 76-72. they affirm their lead in the league with an impressive 7-1 record.
4:19 ue now has a 4-4 record, entrenched in the middle of the pack.
4:20 ranking is as follows, from top to bottom: FEU, ADMU, DLSU, UE, UST, NU, AdU, UP.
4:21 if dlsu (4-2) wins today, it will overtake admu’s 2nd place position currently at 5-1.
4:22 oh sorry, it will at least tie admu, but admu will still have less losses.
4:22 [Comment From Guest]
4:22 [Comment From ko]
4:22 hello folks. game will start at 5pm.
4:23 they’re clearing out the stadium. they sold 2 sets of tickets for the games today – measures to avoid scalping.
4:23 [Comment From Guest]
what are the chances of DLSU winning?
4:23 exactly how though, i dunno. i heard rumours of 20k tickets still.
4:24 i believe dlsu is the underdog today.
4:24 [Comment From Oren]
i can just imagine the atmosphere
4:24 [Comment From Guest]
who’s from dlsu here?
4:24 [Comment From joy]
fr singapore.
4:24 [Comment From Oren]
did two trimesters back in ’95 then moved to Israel
4:25 where are you now oren?
4:25 [Comment From Oren]
In Israel (at work) it’s a Sun – Thurs work week here 🙂
4:25 amazing.
4:25 thanks for joining me.
4:26 [Comment From Oren]
i used to be in the pep-squad back in DLSZ so i kinda missed it all. did some googling and found this blog as well as OnePunch for video replays.
4:27 right now there’s some sort of documentary on abs cbn re the rivalry.
4:28 im very happy to be helping those based abroad here to connect to home.
4:28 weather is sunny and hot with a few clouds. a great day for basketball.
4:29 ok cameras are showing a lot of people wearing yellow in honor of recently passed President Aquino.
4:29 [Comment From manny]
you’re doing a great job of it, gary. keep it up! 🙂
4:29 [Comment From Oren]
yeah i saw all the DLSU games except for the one against NU and saw the games of ADMU, UST and UE. was just curious to see how they play
4:29 [Comment From joy]
thanks, gary!
4:30 ‘pleasure.
4:30 were still a few mins away. everyone just chill.
4:32 there are a few batchmates being interviewed.
4:32 ex and current pros, famous alumni, etc.
4:34 i didnt even know they could speak a straight sentence in english until now lol
4:36 [Comment From Oren]
yeah good job Gary!
4:36 thank you
4:37 ok venue is now officially filling up
4:37 lots of people in yellow. there was this big debate about that.
4:38 [Comment From manny]
blue + yellow = green LOL
4:38 [Comment From Rommel]
Rommel here from Dubai and sending a copy of your blog to Boyet from Qatar. Go Green.
4:39 thanks
4:39 bench scoring: dlsu 42, admu 29
4:40 dlsu press: most effective in the league so far.
4:40 admu: 4 game winning roll. They lost to UP last week, it was one of the most amazing games I had ever watched.
4:41 all 6 dlsu guards: only 28 ppg
4:41 [Comment From Oren]
Gary: who are u rooting for? 🙂
4:42 neither really 🙂
4:43 at the moment none. I can only root for my team after I liveblog 🙂
4:43 ok dami pa commercials. cr break!
4:45 maybe if you pay attention, mahahalata nyo ang side ko.
4:46 they are showing reruns of the tiu era and the macmac era. God those were good times.
4:47 [Comment From joy]
oh noh… my time was jun limpot’s! i feel so old. hahaha
4:47 mine too! why arent there reruns of that?
4:49 anytime now
4:50 [Comment From shiels]
i’m happy to be at the tiu macmac era.. 🙂
4:51 showing some stats. Almost each stat, lamang ang admu.
4:51 however, dlsu is improving game by game, and my rule is, never count out a franz pumaren team.
4:52 dlsu however, outrebounds admu 47 to 40 rpg. Surprising given their ceiling. ADMU however has historically been bad at rebounding.
4:53 rabeh 18.7ppg 1st 4 games, then dipped at 8.7 ppg these last few games.
4:53 [Comment From manny]
your color is showing, gary. 😉
4:54 rabeh was fantastic last year. he should be a super player by now, but his inconsistency is.. consistent.
4:54 on the other hand, i had high hopes for mallabes this year, but so far he hasn’t played up to it. neither has mangahas.
4:55 malabes sorry, one L
4:55 [Comment From Oren]
mine was of aldeguer back in 98
4:55 dino aldeguer?
4:56 he played for smb ata
4:56 [Comment From Oren]
yeah, we were classmates back at Zobel as well.
4:57 well, my famous batchmate was jailed for life for drug use, so i can’t say I’m proud of my batch LOL
4:57 [Comment From Oren]
really? i’ve been gone too long
4:58 ok lapit na
4:58 [Comment From Oren]
4:58 final huddle before start.
4:58 there are more people wearing yellow than their respective colors.
4:58 patay may mga prayers pa
4:59 tapos bawat school may kanya kanya pa.
5:00 [Comment From Oren]
you should be at the araneta and live blog from there!
5:00 i tried but the connection is too unreliable.
5:00 and i need stats.
5:01 who else is overseas?
5:01 who are at work?
5:01 [Comment From manny]
i’m in vietnam, but enjoying your blog from home.
5:01 [Comment From Rommel]
Rommel and Boyet at work. In Dubai and Qatar.
5:02 amazing. where are the callcenter ppl?
5:03 walang gusto umamin.
5:03 man lets do this!!
5:03 [Comment From miguel]
just tuned in. ano score?
5:04 may lords prayer pa.
5:04 to a basketball game
5:06 ok may bayan ko rendition pa po.
5:06 [Comment From shiels]
may speech pa..hehe antagal
5:06 im sorry, but the relevance just escapes me.
5:06 its lea salonga singing.
5:07 [Comment From shiels]
well.. they’re having a show.. not a game yet..
5:09 OK GAME
5:09 dlsu roster: atkins, marata, ferdinand, webb, bringas.
5:10 admu roster: baclao, buenafe, hussaini, salamat, reyes
5:10 lets get it on
5:11 tip off!!
5:11 hussaini miss
5:11 bringas called for foul on looseball
5:11 admu retains possession
5:12 buenafe drives, fouled by webb.
5:12 goes to ft
5:12 sinks 0 of 2
5:13 webb tips ball from reyes, goes out of bounds. last touch admu.
5:13 sorry, buenafe sank 1 of 2 fts
5:13 bringas miss
5:13 jay reyes strong drive, score
5:14 0-3 admu 8:39 in q1
5:14 webb undergoal score
5:14 reyes miss j
5:14 ferdinand sinks undergoal.
5:14 [Comment From rss]
sorry but what is ft?
5:14 freethrow = ft
5:14 marata sinks j
5:15 7-3 dlsu
5:15 buenafe fouled by atkins
5:15 buenafe is a surprise addition to 1st 5.
5:15 he is usually 6th man.
5:15 salamat sinks 3
5:16 ferdinand miss
5:16 hussaini sinks layup
5:16 7-8 admu
5:16 bringas sinks 3
5:16 6:40 left in q1
5:16 salamat miss 3
5:17 webb travels
5:17 [Comment From Oren]
sorry what’s undergoal?
5:17 undergoal = sa ilalim ng ring
5:17 dlsu pressing hard
5:17 hussaini miss pivot move, miss but he was fouled
5:17 [Comment From miguel]
kapag ung pangalan ng team nakalagay after the scores meaning ba nun sila leading?
5:18 you must be from admu, miguel 🙂
5:18 hussaini sinks 2 of 2
5:18 10-10
5:18 [Comment From miguel]
hinde eh DLSU! 😛
5:18 atkins miss 3
5:19 hussaini pivot scores
5:19 webb fumble, turnover.
5:19 dlsu gets ball, bringas scores undergoal
5:19 12-12
5:20 admu timeout
5:20 you have to wonder what will happen to admu’s 2nd unit if they let buenafe play early. who’ll be scorer then?
5:21 [Comment From Oren]
5:21 [Comment From Oren]
time left?
5:21 ok back
5:22 great hussaini hookshot in the slowmo.
5:22 sure rp team, that guy.
5:22 4:49 left in q1
5:22 buenafe miss 3
5:22 webb great transition offense, sinks layup
5:23 reyes miss, baclao miss.
5:23 bringas miss 3
5:23 webb fantastic drive, score
5:23 16-12 dlsu
5:23 3:39 left in q1
5:23 salamat layup, sinks it
5:24 he is fouled
5:24 salamat ft 1 of 1
5:24 webb same strong drive again, miss but fouled
5:25 webb sinks 2 of 2 fts
5:25 long comes in
5:25 hussaini almost travels, drives, scores
5:25 18-17 dlsu 2:57 left in q1
5:26 villanueva blocked by baclao.
5:26 dlsu timeout
5:26 i believe he is better known as blocklao
5:27 as in, ‘grabeh si blocklao’, or something like that.
5:28 ok were back
5:28 dlsu press is wonderful to watch
5:29 salamat miss 3
5:29 malabes picks up loose ball, sinks layup
5:29 long sinks layup
5:29 20-19 dlsu, 1:48 left in q1
5:29 ferdinand travels
5:30 bagatsing fouls long in open court. bad foul.
5:30 long goes to fts
5:30 long sinks 1 of 2
5:31 20-20
5:31 mangahas miss, mendoza sinks tip in
5:31 dlsu press works, steals ball.
5:31 dlsu sinks another undergoal
5:31 24-22 dlsu
5:31 30 secs left
5:32 foul on admu
5:32 admu is NOT protecting the paint.
5:32 mendoza sinks j
5:32 mendoza steals ball.
5:32 long fouls malabes
5:33 malabes miss 3
5:33 austria rebounds, long heave miss.
5:33 26-22 dlsu
5:33 end of 1st quarter
5:34 this has to be the quietest dlsu-admu liveblog session i’ve ever had.
5:34 [Comment From manny]
high scoring game!
5:35 anyway, admu big men true to form. they are NOT rebounding or protecting beneath the ring. many dlsu points are from undergoal stabs and putbacks.
5:35 [Comment From rss]
because we are all from ateneo 🙂
5:35 [Comment From Lyle]
what’s the score now??
5:35 i wonder who won in the admu dlsu jr game. or was it rescheduled?
5:36 alright here we go with q2
5:36 [Comment From RGB]
hahaha…thanks for this! yes…i’m for ateneo too.
5:36 admu miss
5:36 mendoza bad drive, results in TO
5:37 to = turnover
5:37 mangahas spins, miss
5:37 [Comment From k3n]
to rss: mismo! 🙂
5:37 ok admu #18 (who is he?) miss.
5:37 admu retains poss.
5:38 salva travels.
5:38 admu 2nd unit turns it over
5:38 [Comment From shiels]
i’m watching live streaming now 🙂 and following your live blog too.. 🙂
5:38 buenafe drives, fouled by atkins
5:38 [Comment From miguel]
where can you watch live stream?
5:38 livestream try
5:39 score still 26-22 dlsu
5:39 malabes shot blocked after great pass. but called for goaltend, scores.
5:39 monfort sinks 3
5:40 [Comment From Oren]
where there?
5:40 [Comment From shiels]
5:40 28-25 dlsu
5:40 dlsu miss
5:40 chua sinks putback
5:40 [Comment From RGB]
5:40 mangahas fouled by chua retains possess
5:40 [Comment From Oren]
Shiels: yo’ure the best!!!
5:40 [Comment From RGB]
go ateneo! 3 more points!
5:41 marami livestreaming just google around
5:41 dlsu turnover. malabes fouls to prevent fbreak
5:41 [Comment From shiels]
animo lasalle 🙂
5:41 6:57 left in q2
5:42 villanueva called for foul
5:42 chua drive miss
5:42 co to webb fbreak, scores
5:42 30-27 dlsu
5:43 salva sinks all alone on freethrow line
5:43 [Comment From Oren]
my work productivity is now officially null
5:43 monfort fouls malabes.
5:43 dlsu timeout
5:44 there are now 29 people watching me
5:44 95% ateneans siguro, tahimik e
5:44 ah alam ko na
admu or dlsu

 ( 41% )


 ( 59% )

5:45 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Green hehehehe.
5:45 ok were back
5:45 [Comment From shiels]
animo! 🙂
5:45 [Comment From shiels]
tahimik coz we are one color today..haha
5:45 the dlsu fbreaks after dlsu presses are terrific to watch.
5:46 strangely, its usually webb that finishes
5:46 [Comment From shiels]
yellow 🙂
5:46 [Comment From Oren]
let’s go archers!
5:46 webb another putback
5:46 [Comment From shiels]
great defense as always
5:46 5:30 left in q2
5:46 monfort miss j
5:46 32-29 dlsu
5:46 [Comment From Rommel]
OO nga pala. Go Yellow (na nga) lol
5:47 chua gets pass but turns it over
5:47 no yellow in my polls
5:47 kish co scores
5:47 [Comment From miguel]
mas masaya siguro pag UST may laro kasi yellow lahat eh
5:48 webb another drive after dlsu strong D, he is fouled, miss
5:48 baclao coming back. admu needs to block some people.
5:49 [Comment From Oren]
what a game what a game!
5:49 webb has 12 pts already
5:49 [Comment From shiels]
woot! go lasalle 🙂
5:49 admu #17 sinks 3
5:49 35-32 dlsu
5:50 #17 is sumalinog. he has been put in to try and stop webb.
5:50 he fouls webb.
5:50 [Comment From Oren]
web is on fire… he’s grown a lot of confidence
5:50 webb sinks 2 of 2
5:50 andrada blocks hussaini
5:51 hussainii misses long j
5:51 andrada FANTASTIC block
5:51 37-32 dlsu
5:51 barua miss
5:52 baclao off. foul on kish co.
5:52 time out admu
5:52 webb used to be the team clown. now he’s top scoring.
5:53 so finally, the successors to casio are showing up.
5:53 ok back
5:54 i guess everyone’s left to watch streaming.
5:54 no matter.
5:54 2:32 left in q2
5:54 37-32 dlsu
5:54 [Comment From shiels]
streaming is kinda delayed 🙂
5:54 [Comment From aira]
still here
5:55 malabes loong 3 miss
5:55 [Comment From shiels]
i follow ur scoring and commentaries 🙂
5:55 andrada blocks hussaini AGAIN
5:55 co miss
5:55 [Comment From Rommel]
No not me. Enjoying the blog.
5:55 [Comment From k3n]
nope, still watching.
5:55 webb miss on layup
5:56 webb still doesnt have a go to move.
5:56 reyes miss 3
5:56 [Comment From Jinggle]
Me here too
5:56 [Comment From miguel]
still here
5:56 [Comment From Jinggle]
bagal streaming
5:56 webb strong move, fouled by whats his name..
5:56 sumalinog.
5:56 [Comment From keam09]
wala bang online streaming?
5:57 career day for webb, 16 pts.
5:57 [Comment From Oren]
webb is collecting fouls left-right and center
5:57 andrada blocks salaamt
5:57 [Comment From shiels]
web is great today 🙂
5:57 [Comment From miguel]
webb lagi foul
5:58 malabes big drive, misses but fouled.
5:58 dangerous fall.
5:58 [Comment From shiels]
great block again!
5:58 [Comment From georgia]
hi! any online streaming site?
5:58 [Comment From aira]
5:58 malabes sinks 2 of 2
5:58 40-32 dlsu
5:58 near end of q2
5:59 salamat short 3
5:59 [Comment From miguel]
5:59 [Comment From miguel]
first time nag chant mga lasalista
5:59 [Comment From aira]
ateneo is not BLUE without TIU
5:59 [Comment From shiels]
go lasalle!!! 🙂
5:59 end of 2nd quarter
5:59 im falling in love with this andrada.
5:59 he reminds me of mamaril.
6:00 [Comment From asis]
thanks for the link!
6:00 [Comment From Jinggle]
6:00 [Comment From Rommel]
Go La Salle. Go Andrada. The surprise package.
6:00 [Comment From Jinggle]
WTF is Ateneo doing?
6:00 i can tell you what admu is NOT doing = defense.
6:01 they need to defend and rebound. plain and simple.
6:01 [Comment From Jinggle]
BRB, just going for lunch
6:01 [Comment From shiels]
andrada and webb are soooooo good today!
6:01 [Comment From aira]
ateneo will bounce back in the 2nd half..
6:01 oh its halftime pala. cr break.
6:01 [Comment From Jinggle]
6:02 yeah admu will. hussaini just needs to relax and play his game.
6:03 [Comment From Oren]
that’s true, ateneo tends to bounce back in the 2nd half
6:03 [Comment From shiels]
dlsu has always been good with defense
6:03 dlsu cheerdance.
6:04 [Comment From rss]
hope they get the spelling right this time 🙂
6:04 [Comment From miguel]
bumakaya! haha
6:04 yeah bumakaya. brings back old memories.
6:04 oops
6:05 [Comment From miguel]
buti pa sa pilipinas may ganto dito sa australia walang kakwenta kwenta sports
6:06 you dont like oz rules?
6:06 [Comment From miguel]
well yeah pero walang college or highschool
6:06 ah
6:07 ok now blue babble
6:07 [Comment From georgia]
lalo na dito sa jeddah!
6:08 i play in a league with guys who came from saudi that are ripped. they say all they do there is play basketball.
6:09 do you guys abroad get to follow the rp team at fiba-asia?
6:09 im contemplating liveblogging the rest of the rp games kasi for the ofws.
6:09 [Comment From georgia]
no, soccer is so much bigger here
6:09 [Comment From miguel]
uhm they just played sri lanka diba?
6:09 [Comment From miguel]
win by 84? :))=))))
6:10 after that they won against japan and lost to sokor last night.
6:10 ok we’re almost back.
6:11 [Comment From georgia]
depends if we have the time
6:12 does anyone remember romulo mamaril? andrada reminds me of him.
6:12 [Comment From Oren]
yeah wasn’t he smb?
6:13 yeah. doubt if current generation remembers him.
6:13 analysis is correct. admu needs to concentrate on D
6:13 webb is making strong drives. its not hard to stop that.
6:14 after webb beats first defender, a big must be waiting to stop him. At the moment, he’s getting his way.
6:15 back to game.
6:15 bringas scores on pivot
6:15 42-32 dlsu
6:16 long miss. andrada blocks him on putback but he is fouled.
6:16 if he didn’t foul him that’d have been his 3rd block.
6:16 long goes to fts.
6:16 long 1 of 1 on fts.
6:17 long fouls webb from behind.
6:17 dlsu to
6:18 andrada spikes ball away from hussaini again.
6:18 hussaini frustration foul on andrada.
6:18 hussaini is acting like a baby.
6:18 his full potential wont come out until he starts to control himself.
6:19 [Comment From shiels]
go andrada!
6:19 [Comment From shiels]
they won’t let hussaini play his game
6:19 andrada to fts.
6:19 andrada 0 of 2
6:19 halfcourt inbound for dlsu
6:20 andrada great layup scores
6:20 even the finger roll is classic mamaril.
6:20 44-36 dlsu
6:21 webb off rebound, drives strong for putback, miss but fouled.
6:21 webb sinks 2 of 2 fts.
6:22 46-36 dlsu, 6:52 in q3
6:22 atkins blocks someone.
6:22 admu retains possession.
6:22 baclao strong drive, fouled
6:23 baclao sinks 1 of 1 fts
6:23 salamat steals ball from bagatsing.
6:23 salamat turns it over.
6:23 6:00 left in q3
6:23 salamat another near steal.
6:24 malabes called for foul on loose ball.
6:24 bagatsing is fumbling the ball.
6:24 bagatsing fouled salamat obviously but no call.
6:24 manotoc sharp eyes.
6:24 [Comment From carrie]
Hi! Watching from Thailand. Thanks so much for doing this liveblog! Really appreciate it!
6:24 [Comment From shiels]
finally i see more action! 🙂
6:25 timeout dlsu
6:25 our poll is dead eveen at 50%
6:25 [Comment From Oren]
i’m skipping lumch
6:26 ok back
6:26 webb’s knee is wrapped in ice on the bench.
6:26 [Comment From shiels]
i somewhat feel it was a slow 1st half.. sana more action this 2nd half.. go lasalle 🙂
6:27 [Comment From jazel]
it will be la salle! 🙂
6:27 salamat great pass to baclao, scores.
6:27 salamat defense is choking.
6:27 mangahas miss pivot
6:27 bringas gets def. rebound
6:27 4:45 left in q3
6:27 46-39 dlsu
6:28 bringas miss 3
6:28 salamat miss 3
6:28 malabes miss 3
6:28 barua miss 3
6:28 [Comment From miguel]
swerte ata ung right side nung court.
6:28 salva miss undergoal
6:28 andrada 4th reb of game
6:29 malabes pass intercepted
6:29 bad pass to cutting andrda
6:29 salamat pass to salva, salva scores.
6:29 46-41 dlsu
6:29 timeout dlsu
6:29 [Comment From shiels]
baket parang natamad dlsu?
6:30 that’s their 2nd unit shiels. they’re usually more methodical.
6:30 [Comment From jazel]
oh no!
6:30 [Comment From Jinggle]
One big Fight!
6:30 [Comment From Jinggle]
the game’s getting closer
6:31 [Comment From miguel]
from what ive noticed with DLSU is parang they don’t put that much effort in the 2nd half if their lead is big
6:31 [Comment From Guest]
animo la salle!
6:31 [Comment From jazel]
go lasalle!
6:31 ok back.
6:31 salamat was completely tired. he has played full game so far and is now on bench.
6:31 3:05 left in q3
6:32 bagatsing scores on pivot
6:32 hussaini needs to block that!
6:32 hussaini needs to block anyone smaller than him who dares venture into his space!
6:32 anyway, hussaini was fouled, goes to ft.
6:33 [Comment From shiels]
whew! 🙂 protect the lead!
6:33 hussaini 1 of 2
6:33 2:25 left in q3
6:33 barua miss 3
6:33 monfort miss j
6:33 mangahas travels, was blocked
6:34 im surprised black let salamat play too long. he was dead tired.
6:34 admu turns it over.
6:34 villanueva travels.
6:35 hussaini finally sinks stepback j
6:35 48-44 dlsu
6:35 less than a min left
6:35 mendoza great move scores
6:36 hussaini miss
6:36 barua miss 3
6:36 buenafe great drive, he scores in dying secs
6:36 end of q3
6:36 no foul called
6:36 50-46 dlsu
6:37 [Comment From shiels]
pumasok pa! arrrgh
6:37 what a shot. cool and controlled.
6:38 [Comment From Oren]
barua has got to stop with his 3-pt attempts
6:38 the last dlsu win against ust was because of a barua 3.
6:39 before that though, his record was 0 of 14 😛
6:39 ok back
6:40 salva blocked by webb
6:40 webb misses layup hook
6:40 admu miss
6:40 webb goes strong, he is fouled
6:40 goes to fts
6:40 19 pts for webb so far
6:41 he sinks 2 of 2 from fts.
6:41 what did this guy eat today?
6:41 bag hussaini pass
6:41 intercepted, webb scores on fbreak
6:41 reyes sinks 3
6:42 if reyes starts scoring that’s bad for dlsu.
6:42 reyes shot just a 2
6:42 [Comment From shiels]
go webb! 🙂 he is really in shape today
6:42 [Comment From shiels]
woot woot! go lasalle!
6:42 hussaini fouled by andrada.
6:42 hussaini still thinking too much.
6:42 baclao miss hook.
6:43 webb misses fbreak.
6:43 just shoot the ball webb.
6:43 reyes sinks 3.
6:43 ayan na, reyes is starting to wax hot.
6:43 webb drives, refs bail him out. foul by buenafe.
6:43 [Comment From Rommel]
Great game Webb. You make the whole Webb family proud. Specially the grandad.
6:43 [Comment From shiels]
stop the 3 points! oh meyn..
6:44 loose ball. its a jumpball.
6:44 possession arrow points to dlsu.
6:44 54-52 dlsu
6:44 webb travels.
6:44 webb starting to implode.
6:44 [Comment From jay]
is joshua freddie webb’s kid?
6:45 bagatsing called for foul on austria.
6:45 [Comment From Guest]
go green!
6:45 nephew
6:45 i thnk
6:45 austria goes to fts.
6:46 austria 2 of 2 on fts, ties game.
6:46 6:39 left
6:46 54 all
6:46 webb blocked by baclao.
6:46 reyes miss
6:46 malabes miss
6:47 hussaini on floor, twisted his ankle.
6:47 [Comment From jazel]
6:47 admu timeout
6:47 hussaini fell on malabes foot.
6:47 he is being helpled off the floor. he cant walk.
6:47 ateneans chanting mvp.
6:47 [Comment From shiels]
oh no..
6:48 buenafe pressed.
6:48 baclao steps on baseline.
6:48 helter skelter action now, possession changing every second
6:48 dlsu poss
6:49 mangahas miss
6:49 admu poss
6:49 5:10 left in game
6:49 reyes miss j
6:49 webb sinks 3
6:49 [Comment From jay]
tied na!!!
6:49 57-54 dlsu
6:50 austria puts back his own miss.
6:50 57-56 dlsu
6:50 [Comment From Oren]
6:50 [Comment From Oren]
6:50 [Comment From shiels]
go go go lasalle 🙂
6:50 [Comment From rss]
go yellow!
6:50 mangahas miss again.
6:50 ok weve got a fight.
6:51 austria undercut webb on the looseball.
6:51 but when webb was on floor, webb kicked austria.
6:51 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Green.
6:51 [Comment From georgia]
go joshua!
6:51 [Comment From shiels]
oh no…
6:51 [Comment From miguel]
6:52 obvious unsportsmanlike on webb for that kick on austria, even if austria started it.
6:52 webb must keep his cool. he’s going crazy. this is his night.
6:52 [Comment From Jinggle]
nice kick
6:52 [Comment From miguel]
ateneo ball?
6:52 [Comment From Oren]
it was just a little nudge
6:52 he’ll probably be suspended. it was caught very clear on cam.
6:53 [Comment From shiels]
he was doing so well! why? but yeah, nice kick..hehe
6:53 kicking is not a basketball move.
6:53 never condone that please.
6:54 manotoc is right. someone else has to step up other than webb. atm, no one else.
6:54 [Comment From jazel]
they should just focus on the game.
6:54 [Comment From Jinggle]
6:54 [Comment From Jinggle]
6:54 unsportsmanlike on webb and atkins. TF on austria.
6:54 2 fts + ball possession for admu.
6:55 all because of webb’s stupid kick.
6:55 austria will shoot fts.
6:55 [Comment From shiels]
it is not dlsu admu game if there’s no drama like this..
6:55 [Comment From Jinggle]
Just noticed that long has quite a long neck
6:55 austria sinks 1 of 2
6:55 56 all
6:55 sorry 57 all
6:56 salamat sinks 3
6:56 great in out game.
6:56 3:27 left
6:56 baclao blocks but fouls co. co strong drive.
6:56 [Comment From Jinggle]
6:56 [Comment From shiels]
oh no..
6:56 [Comment From jazel]
time left?
6:56 [Comment From Jinggle]
6:56 [Comment From Jinggle]
6:57 co shoots fts.
6:57 co sinks 1 of 2
6:57 jumpball, possession arrow goes to admu.
6:57 3:14 left
6:57 58-60 admu
6:57 salva travels.
6:57 [Comment From miguel]
dlsu now has a problem
6:58 [Comment From rss]
please update score!
6:58 2:54 left
6:58 bringas blocked by baclao.
6:58 co gets loose ball, is fouled by austria.
6:58 co shoots fts.
6:58 [Comment From Guest]
go la salle! go go la salle!
6:58 [Comment From jazel]
it will be a cardiac finish
6:59 co sinks 2 of 2.
6:59 59-60 admu
6:59 2:30 left
6:59 salamat turns it over.
6:59 co great hustle.
6:59 [Comment From Jinggle]
60-58 admu
6:59 [Comment From Rommel]
Go La Salle. Nice game.
6:59 59-60 admu
7:00 dlsu 24 sec violation
7:00 great admu defense
7:00 hussaini not coming back, still in pain on bench
7:01 admu possession
7:01 salva sinks easy shot from ft line
7:01 62-59 admu
7:01 dlsu timeout
7:01 [Comment From joy]
time left?
7:02 just before 2 min mark
7:02 [Comment From nathan]
how many minutes left in the game
7:02 [Comment From miguel]
7:02 sorry, 1:43
7:02 [Comment From aira]
salva is using everything he learned from kobe
7:03 ok back
7:03 great shot by salva.
7:03 araneta packed no one sitting
7:04 co almost steals ball from salamat.
7:04 malabes miss, bagatsing gets off reb and scores.
7:04 admu timeout
7:04 61-62 admu
7:05 [Comment From joy]
score and time?
7:05 [Comment From nathan]
score and time?
7:05 didnt see the time, will update asap.
7:06 commercials are way too long. game shouldve started by now.
7:06 ok back.
7:06 [Comment From nathan]
7:06 15707 in attendance.
7:06 [Comment From Rommel]
Thanks too
7:07 1:23 left
7:07 admu possession
7:07 salamat drive, miss, salva putback
7:07 1:06 left
7:07 baclao blocks co.
7:07 admu poss
7:08 61-64 admu
7:08 salamat miss 3
7:08 24.7 secs left.
7:08 baclao is on the floor with cramps.
7:08 admu possession.
7:08 [Comment From juz]
7:08 [Comment From Jinggle]
did the putback convert?
7:09 no its not cramps, he was in pain though.
7:09 61-64 admu
7:09 admu inbound.
7:09 co quick foul on salamat. salamat to shoot fts.
7:09 [Comment From aira]
blame kobe bryant if ADMu wins… hahaha
7:10 [Comment From miguel]
dlsu in big trouble 😐
7:10 [Comment From Guest]
his ok?
7:10 salamat misses 1st
7:10 salamat 1 of 2
7:10 dlsu timeout
7:10 23 secs left.
7:10 61-65 admu
7:11 [Comment From nathan]
go ateneo!
7:11 [Comment From Guest]
wats the score?
7:11 [Comment From Guest]
one big fight!
7:12 too many commercials
7:12 ok here we go.
7:12 23.5 left
7:12 dlsu possession.
7:13 [Comment From Jinggle]
7:13 [Comment From Rommel]
Go La Salle. It aint over….
7:13 bringas sinks 3
7:13 64-65 admu
7:13 admu timeout
7:14 20 seconds left
7:14 what a play
7:14 [Comment From shiels]
go go go lasalle!
7:14 [Comment From nathan]
scpre and time?
7:14 [Comment From aira]
7:14 [Comment From Guest]
how many secs?
7:14 [Comment From Oren]
this is getting out of control
7:14 [Comment From aira]
it wasnt planned
7:14 [Comment From Guest]
nice game!
7:14 [Comment From Oren]
animo lasalle baby!
7:14 im pretty sure that wasn’t the play.
7:15 but after the pick at top of key he rcvd the ball and was fairly open.
7:15 couldn’t be a better play. little time removed from clock, tapos three pa.
7:15 [Comment From nathan]
one big fight!
7:15 [Comment From aira]
im from taft… hav to go home early dahil baka bumaha d2 ng luha pag natalo dlsu
7:15 [Comment From Jinggle]
7:15 [Comment From aira]
7:15 [Comment From shiels]
nice shot by bringas!
7:16 [Comment From Oren]
they say that’s what makes pumaren a coaching genius
7:16 i doubt franz planned it exactly like that
7:16 pero libre siya e, and he has range so why not.
7:16 [Comment From Rommel]
Go La Salle…
7:16 ok here we go
7:16 20.5 left
7:16 no more timeouts each.
7:16 mendoza fouls buenafe
7:17 buenafe to fts.
7:17 [Comment From Oren]
well planned or not, it’s a fantastic game!
7:17 [Comment From Jinggle]
who’ll they foul?
7:17 [Comment From nathan]
keep updating score and time please!
7:17 buenafe sinks 1st
7:17 17.5 left
7:18 buenafe 2 of 2.
7:18 64-67 admu
7:18 dlsu poss.
7:18 bagatsing sinks 3
7:18 .8 left
7:18 67 all
7:19 admu bad inbound
7:19 it should go to dlsu
7:19 yes it does!
7:19 admu confused
7:19 only 4 players for admu. reyes rushes back
7:20 bringas gets inbound, throws it up, misses.
7:20 overtime
7:20 [Comment From manny]
sana overtime
7:20 [Comment From Jinggle]
7:20 [Comment From Jinggle]
One big fight!
7:20 [Comment From Jinggle]
We stand on a hill…. I could hear it now!
7:20 [Comment From nathan]
this is it!
7:20 [Comment From Oren]
7:20 [Comment From nathan]
7:20 [Comment From shiels]
7:21 [Comment From nathan]
7:21 [Comment From Jinggle]
7:21 [Comment From joy]
overtime na ba?
7:21 [Comment From aira]
OT baby
7:21 [Comment From shiels]
overtime! GO LASALE
7:21 [Comment From shiels]
7:21 [Comment From Guest]
what a game
7:21 [Comment From manny]
7:22 webb would be perfect for an overtime. he brings energy, which you need if you only have 5 mins.
7:22 [Comment From Oren]
bagatsing has balls of steal for stepping up and taking that 3. i literally almost fall of my chair. thank god i’ve got my own office and the headphones on.
7:22 [Comment From Guest]
what a game!
7:22 alright, start of overtime.
7:23 bagatsing 3 was a double clutch. alanganin shot.
7:23 [Comment From Rommel]
That’s what you get from a DLSU-ADMU game..
7:23 tip off
7:23 admu poss
7:23 baclao j sinks it
7:23 4:32 left
7:24 barua floater sinks it
7:24 69 all
7:24 4:00 left
7:24 salamat travels
7:24 norman looks frustrated at hiim
7:24 3:47 left
7:25 barua miss 3
7:25 bringas with off reb, called for foul on salva.
7:25 [Comment From Oren]
is the video streaming working?
7:25 69 all
7:25 3:28 left
7:25 reyes miss 3
7:26 bagatsing fumbles, turns it over.
7:26 3:03 left
7:26 admu poss
7:27 salamat almost fumbles but still gets ball, layup miss, but he is fouled. lucky break.
7:27 salamat goes to ft.
7:27 13 pts 3 rebs for salamat today
7:27 salamat sinks 1 of 2
7:27 69-70 admu
7:28 dlsu fumbles, called for backing
7:28 2:26 left
7:28 yes nathan be patient
7:28 [Comment From nathan]
keep updating time and score please!
7:28 baclao puts back, scores.
7:28 last 2 mins
7:29 webb miss 3
7:29 bagatsing called for 5th foul, graduates
7:29 austria goes to freethrows
7:29 [Comment From manny]
ay salamat
7:29 [Comment From aira]
webb has cooled down!!!
7:29 [Comment From aira]
vizconde praying for aDMU qin
7:29 bagatsing misses 1st
7:30 sinks 2nd
7:30 [Comment From manny]
clutch time!!!
7:30 69-74 admu
7:30 mangahas miss 3
7:30 1:17 left
7:30 reyes miss 3
7:31 dlsu poss
7:31 they didnt show time left.
7:31 [Comment From miguel]
7:31 [Comment From Jinggle]
Can’t believe I got dc’d
7:31 [Comment From Jinggle]
so what;s the score?
7:31 [Comment From siriuslymissed]
74 admu?
7:31 [Comment From Jinggle]
….Faithful to you!!!!! I can really hear it now!
7:31 [Comment From siriuslymissed]
i am freaking out!!
7:31 [Comment From siriuslymissed]
74 is admu??
7:31 [Comment From siriuslymissed]
7:32 [Comment From Jinggle]
why is admu shooting 3’s?
7:32 ok back
7:32 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Green….
7:32 [Comment From Jinggle]
eh they’re supposed to be ahead by 5 right?
7:32 dlsu inbound.
7:33 59 secs left
7:33 bringas miss 3
7:33 malabes sinks 3
7:33 72-74 admu
7:33 30 secs left
7:33 salva sinks undergoal
7:33 13 secs left
7:34 malabes bad 3 miss
7:34 3.2 left
7:34 webb hearing it from coach pumaren.
7:34 buenafe was fouled, goes to fts.
7:34 misses 1st
7:34 misses bobth
7:35 bringas heave goes wild.
7:35 76-72 admu
7:35 final
7:35 will try to approve comments now.
7:36 [Comment From siriuslymissed]
go blue!!
7:36 [Comment From Oren]
let’s go Archers!
7:36 [Comment From manny]
good question jingle – they should go for the fouls
7:36 [Comment From juz]
7:36 [Comment From Guest]
WATS THE SCORE???!!!!!!!!!!
7:36 [Comment From Guest]
what’s the score?
7:36 [Comment From blue]
go admu
7:36 [Comment From aira]
7:36 [Comment From Jinggle]
7:36 [Comment From jazel]
so sad
7:36 [Comment From aira]
SALVA!!!!! kobe’s cLOSER
7:36 [Comment From japheth]
7:36 [Comment From Oren]
72-76 admu?
7:37 [Comment From manny]
7:37 [Comment From siriuslymissed]
is it done?? 3 seconds brah
7:37 [Comment From Jinggle]
Go ateneo!
7:37 [Comment From Jinggle]
Ateneo Ra rah!!!!!
7:37 [Comment From Oren]
7:37 [Comment From Oren]
good game
7:37 [Comment From shiels]
great game 🙂
7:37 [Comment From whatawoo]
Gary, great job liveblogging!
7:37 [Comment From sora]
7:37 [Comment From manny]
SALVA – TION!!!!!!!!!!
7:37 [Comment From Rommel]
Nice game. Congrats Blue. But we love our team. Go Green
7:37 [Comment From japheth]
7:37 [Comment From siriuslymissed]
hialikinu kinikina!!!!
7:37 [Comment From Jinggle]
7:37 [Comment From japheth]
thanks for the live blog!
7:37 [Comment From Jinggle]
yeah thanks for live bloggin man
7:38 thank you very much for joining my liveblog session today.
7:38 come around to check my schedule for next. I shall try to liveblog rp games and other important uaap games in the future.
7:39 [Comment From manny]
gary – great stuff! many many thanks, dude.
7:39 [Comment From JMacalinao]
nice game, very intense
7:39 [Comment From JMacalinao]
thanks for the liveblog 😀
7:39 [Comment From Oren]
you’ll be blogging every game?
7:39 [Comment From sora]
whens next?
7:39 [Comment From shiels]
thanks for this! 🙂
7:39 [Comment From Oren]
when is your next session?
7:39 [Comment From whatawoo]
Nice fight Green Archers! Animo La Salle!!!!
7:39 [Comment From k3n]
thank YOU. 🙂
7:39 [Comment From sora]
7:40 you’re all very welcome. I’m not sure when I’ll do this yet, you can subscribe to my rss feeds so you’ll know. depends on when I’m free.
7:40 thanks again. I’m still riled from it all. what a game.
7:40 i’m closing this down now. see you again soon.
7:41 later!
7:41 [Comment From Rommel]
Maraming salamat po. Nice game as always.