Drum Roll Please!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I wonder how many words a YouTube clip is worth.

Here’s his press con:

Obviously this isn’t the only exciting trade going on. Artest is with the Lake show and Ariza is with the Rockets. Gordon is now a Piston which added Charlie Villanueva as well. McDyess is now a Spur, Millsaps is a Blazer, DWade is courting Odom to ‘come home’ while just this morning, Marquis Daniels joined the Celtics as well.

But what makes the ‘Sheed to Boston deal special is the fact that everyone, from the ownership, management and the players, went all out trying to get Rasheed to join them. How could he possibly refuse?

What makes that special for me are two things: a. If you are the owner or in management of a sports team, the idea of letting your players choose who to play with is nothing short of radical, primarily because by default, managers do not trust their players to run the team. I remember reading somewhere (I forgot which basketball book, sorry, I’ve read thru a ton of them in the last months), how a coach said ‘if you let players choose, they’ll choose their friends.’ something or other. Which leads me to my second point: b. allowing KG and the rest to actively participate in recruitment the way they did speaks volumes of how together the Celtics are, which is a huge hurdle to accomplish.

For the most part, my impression with most teams is that of a dysfunctional family held together mostly by the owner’s money. Even the Lakers’ Jerry Buss et al strikes me as such, surviving purely on Phil Jackson’s sage – like coaching and Bryant’s single minded determination, talent and leadership. In Jackson’s books, he is so detached from his own team that even as its Coach he still refers to them as ‘the Lakers’ as opposed to ‘my team’ – a solid giveaway about how he prefers a separate persona from his person vis a vis his official capacity.

Mind you this is not a guarantee of anything of course. Trading for talent is one thing. The long grind towards getting a Championship is yet another. But everyone being on the same page at the same time is impressing me this early and they haven’t even finished with the Summer League yet.