Spike Lee for Cover of 2k10

Yes I know the NBA’s going on right now but this is just as important (well, at least to those who take this sort of thing seriously). Anyway, just watch.

update 20090608: didn’t realize the previous video autoplayed and there weren’t any volume or playback / pause options. Sorry bout that, just click on the link above to watch it instead. Boo 2ksports.com.

You know, I actually like this:

No seriously, I really do. Spike Lee’s added his for comic effect yes I know but seriously, why the heck not? Enough of Kobe and all those superstars! Who cares about this (even if he’s wearing a Knicks uniform):

When we can have this??

It’s far hell of a lot more interesting than yet another superstar flaunting his stuff, right?! Let’s go for Spike! He’s certainly just as much a part of the NBA!

Anyway, its important to know voting starts here tomorrow. And I mean, important to those who take this sort of thing seriously of course.