Nuggets Blew It

I don’t think there’s any other way to best describe it.

Today the LA Lakers will go to their 30th NBA Finals appearance with a walk – in – the – park 119-92 win, derailing the Denver Nuggets on the road.

And I just think that sucks. The Denver Nuggets raised all our hopes up from the very start of the Playoffs by playing hard, playing tough and playing together. Then after all that they to come to a Game 6 in their series with a lackluster game I don’t even know would be good enough for a good game in the Eliminations.

I don’t really give too much credit to the Lakers today for their win. Ok yeah they’re still impressive. Kobe held that team together, and when they were losing their handle on the game Pao Gasol started asking for the ball – indicating the kind of Championship calibre player that he is. As a result he got touches, and dazzled us today with beautiful left and right hookshots that just make you shake your head and wonder why LAL doesn’t go to that more often. If I were Phil Jackson I’d not help feeling proud of my team for responding to a challenge and players demanding more responsibility, which is exactly what Gasol did.

The Nuggets? Not so much, if at all, and in fact IMO this game was lost by the Nuggets rather than LA winning it. I’ve no idea why Chauncey started playing bad. I’ve no idea why Melo disappeared. Only K-Mart showed some fire, while even the surprising Smith, who started impressing everyone with passing plays on drives like a point guard, suddenly grew tame. At some moments I felt previous round opponents could’ve given a better account than they, and wished Houston was still in this.

Whatever happened (or not happened) in their locker room, we’ll never know. But the fact remains, at the start of the Playoffs these guys were on fire. They lifted their spirits and changed our perception of them from a ragtag collection of talents to a contender. Tonight, they played less than half of what they’ve shown they can do, and it’s very disappointing.