LeBron Rules

In a special meeting yesterday, the NBA announced their decision to enjorce the new “LeBron James Rules” where should any opposing player attempt to play any and all types of defense on him will result in a foul. In fact, should any defender be close to him as he attempts a shot, runs up or down the court, or show indication they wish to attempt to swipe at the ball while he is in possession, said defender is to automatically receive a foul.

Of course I’m joking, but heck it sure feels that way.

I mean are you kidding me? The Cavs are literally playing up to it, giving the ball to James, who makes a move to the basket, any move whatsoever, and whoever’s defending him gets a call.

It’s a testament to how well they market this league, or how stupid we fans have become, or both, that we still follow it regardless of this blatant idiocy.

Sigh. Oh well. Back to work.