Was it as good as this?

I think so. Consider: James threw a three, Jordan ‘just’ a two pointer, but he was double teamed while there was only Hedo on LeBron. Both games were won by those must make shots resulting in 1 pt. margins (Bulls’ 101-100 vs. Cavs’ 96-95).

And yes another difference, above vid was the deciding game for the Bulls to get them out the 1st round. While James’ Cavs ‘just’ evened their series at 1 – all, it was crucial win because if their team had lost 2-0 at home no less, they’d have found themselves in a deep, deep (and not to mention embarrassing) hole.

But waitaminit. Are you wondering what am I talking about? This is what I’m talking about:

You just gotta see it in high def along with Hedo’s and Lewis’ previous supposed game winners. A just ‘throw – it – in – the – general – direction – of – the – ring – and – pray – with – one – second – to – go‘ shot that we’re going to be seeing in highlight reels for YEARS. For DECADES, man.

Make no mistake though, I’m starting to really believe in Orlando. They are playing terribly poised, they are executing their screens and I love how when Howard rolls to the basket, there are waiting shooters on both corners with either Lewis or Hedo ‘The 4th Quarter Man’ creating. That team’s got weapons, and even when Courtney Lee makes his rookie mistakes or Howard gets into foul trouble, they have solid subs in Johnson and Gortat. Imagine if Redick can add to the shooting spree, that team would be unstoppable.


Anyway, so, uhmm, let’s go to commercial (yeah yeah just shut it and read up).

Speaking about LeBron (ahem), Nike Philippines is set to release a special colorway of the Zoom LeBron VI to celebrate his recent 2008/2009 Most Valuable Player citation from the NBA.

Only 23 pairs of this special shoe will be released on May 30, 2009 at Nike Park Bonifacio High Street at exactly 12:23pm. The shoe retails at P7,495.

Yeah that’s right. No one can possibly be smoother (than me).