Which Team's Worth Going To FEU? PART II

This is the 2nd of 2 parts, the first of which is here, where I named the teams I wanna see. In particular they were ADMU, UE, FEU, SBC and JRU.

Now that I finally have the list of participating schools (24 Seniors and 24 Junior Teams! I didn’t realize!), I’ve a better view of the bigger picture, so I start with:

DLSU – Need it be asked why? Loyalties aside, the DLSU lineup may as well be completely new, with rookies at every position. Not only that, the legendary (and yes, we should call him legendary) Franz Pumaren can make gold out of dirt, and take a seemingly underhanded, short and mismatched team to the promised land. He’s done it before, he can no doubt do it again. Not counting DLSU as a factor in any tournament is folly.

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