'I've Been In The Stands Before' – Artest

Man things have changed.

And to warm things up for the LAL – HOU series tomorrow, here’s a clip of how Artest and Kobe feel about each other, taken just a month ago: Wondering what they were jabbering about? Basketball Jones brings on the hilariousness.

In the process of bringing on the funnies showing us that was some prolonged stuff. And I haven’t even gotten into the Kobe vs. Battier stuff yet.

Going back to the 1st video, Artest is in winning mode, he’s not getting into fights, Yao and he are backslapping each other, and when he finds himself in the stands people are cheering him and offering him beer instead of throwing it at him.

Who’s to say Houston’s lost a superstar now that Tracy is sidelined? With Artest’s head and temper in place I think you’ve got yourself a contender right here.

I’m liking Houston’s chances.