A Series Neither Team Wants To Win

Today, the Miami Heat thrashed the Atlanta Hawks 98 – 72 at home to even their series. They now go to Atlanta to try to win Game 7 and advance into the 2nd round.

The way I see it, neither Atlanta nor Miami wants to win because they don’t think they can advance into the Championships. Therefore, it makes better sense to just shut down their respective teams for the ’08-’09 season, rest, rebuild, and get better for the next.

I mean, this is the only reason I can think of that justifies what is possible the most uninspired performances I’ve ever seen in an NBA Playoff series.

Check out the Series Overview:
Game 1: 64 – 90 Atl (rout)
Game 2: 108 – 93 Mia (rout)
Game 3: 78 – 107 Mia (rout)
Game 4: 81 – 71 Atl
Game 5: 106 – 91 Atl (rout)
Game 6: 72 – 98 Mia (rout)

5 of the 6 games were routs. That means that whenever a team falls behind, they don’t catch up. They just lose. They just pack it up, and lose. Hence my theory.

Well whatever.

For the most part, watching Dwayne Wade drop 41 is always entertaining. Miami forward Michael Beasley is a scoring demon if I ever saw one, getting 22 and 15 rebounds as well. Scrappy Joel Anthony was outstanding with his stealing, blocking and setting screens.

On the other hand, Mike Bibby showed signs of brilliance albeit he decided to stop scoring after the 1st half.

But I would like to reserve my longest opinion for Josh Smith.

Josh Smith, to me, has to be amongst the top 5 most promising, most gifted athletes in the world of basketball today.

He makes difficult easy. Ordinary NBA players need to work 10x as hard to do what he can with his eyes shut.

What he does with that talent though, is the issue. It’s quite likely he’s been given too much because he doesn’t seem to appreciate it and therefore it is misused.

There are moments when he is as brilliant as we all knew he’d be, then for large gaps in the game he looks as if his mind is out taking a walk in the parking lot. Great moments are interspersed with mind blowing boners, and you’re left shaking your head going WTF.

And now the appropriate video:

Why do that, Josh? Do you love the game? Do you respect it? Your team? Your coach? Your opponents?

Do you understand basketball? Cause just having talent doesn’t mean you understand it. Having all the talent in the world just means you’re a talented guy. But it doesn’t mean you love it. If you love it, you won’t do idiot stuff like that, routing your opponent then hot dogging it.

Granted, we’re partly to blame. We’ve conditioned the world to think of basketball as dunks and show – offs. We buy ‘ankle – breakers’ and ‘best slam dunk’ videos thinking that’s how it’s supposed to be played. We celebrate ‘playahs’ who flex their muscles, beat their chests, party all night, and bring home the honeys, hoping we’d be like them one day.

So as a result, we get guys like Josh Smith. As a result, we get bonehead plays. As a result, we get two teams in a series neither wants to win.

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