All I Know About Playoff 2009 Viewing Options

So I’ve been repeating the ff. information the past few days to people who ask, I decided might as well blog about it.

First off, Basketball TV is now subscription – free since 3 days ago. Sample conversation I had with SkyCable man I called up last Friday, the 24th:

Me: Magtatanong po sana ako ng subscription para makanood ng NBA games?
SkyCable Man: Ah, kahapon sabi ng ‘head office’ (or something like that) free na po yan.
Me: H…Ha? (that’s the way they express surprise in komiks, right?).
SkyCable Man: Opo, check nyo po sa channel 69.

Naturally, the Sky website continues to announce subscription at P100.00 / month, given how updating websites isn’t given a lot of importance in this country, and the BTV website is similarly silent about it, so I’m not really sure SkyCable Man was just being nice to us Cainta residents and not all their subscribers.

But there you go, because of said conversation, I’ve had nothing but wall to wall basketball since then. Mind you, it might not be channel 69 in your area or you’ll need to reprogram your TV. If that doesn’t work, call them.

Now the 2nd part of this post is about Internet Streaming. That’d be here and here, both of which sucked last year but have significantly improved since. Granted, now that I’ve announced this to the millions and billions of viewers of this blog that may change, but hey if that doesn’t work, you can go back to cable option above.

And now the final announcement has to do with the schedules, which you will definitely need as both cable and streaming options feature LIVE games. That means either 2 to 3 in the morning or at least until 12nn for us depending on whether they’re East or West Coast.

Now, I receive schedules from BTV and CS9 themselves which I (try to) promptly update this site with, but I’ll be honest: They change the schedules so often, sometimes 2 days before the games, that I get lazy updating them. Your best bet for scheds would be the BTV site itself which I HOPE they update (haven’t really checked), or better yet, the NBA itself, which you just have to convert to GMT +8 time to apply to us.

I wish BTV would just adopt the idea of applying RSS feeds to their website so we can subscribe to it, but since that’s beyond our control, we just have to adapt.

So there you go, those are your viewing options as far as I know. If there’s any other worth knowing, leave a comment. Although I admit it better be terrific as above options are pretty good already.

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