The Rising Rose, Rondo, Ray, the other AI and Other Updates

Just thought I’d show you what 36 pts., 11 assists in a first time playoff appearance looks like:

Matching Kareem’s. Now, THAT’s how you go into the playoffs. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

This post isn’t complete of course, without mention of Rose‘s rival on their 1st game, Rajon Rondo:

Yes I know that’s old news (blame my job for forcing me to post late), but its exciting nonetheless, more so in my opinion, re Rose’s performance. Man that guy can play, almost prompting me to liken his game to Isiah, albeit taller of course, but certainly almost as effective.

At any rate, Game 2 of the Bulls – Celtics series had Ray Allen applying the finishing touches for a scintillating 3 pointer over the outstretched arms of Joaquim Noah

I love it, ABSOLUTELY love it, when games are won by longshots taken by snipers like Allen. It just rights the natural order of things, to my mind. Pressure games, when the score is tied and the clock is running out, are supposed to be won by shooters. And there is no more qualified on the court than Allen, who will shoot it over your outstretched, frantically waving arms making you look like a fool. It’s just the right way to see a ballgame end.

At any rate, tomorrow is the 76ers – Orlando Game 2, 7AM on BTV. I caught a glimpse of Igoudala’s game 1 dagger, and found the appropriate video:

I’m not a big fan of ‘give it our number 1 guy and get out of the way‘ plays, but that one was worth watching considering Turkoglu’s pretty good defense. I’d really rather they set up a play and execute instead of just relying on AI, and having said that, it’s the same reason why I think the 76ers aren’t gonna go further than 2nd, if they get to it at all.

Regardless, Iggy’s exciting to watch and has been very athletic as of late, and I will therefore watch in earnest.

Will try to write more, work allowing. These are very exciting basketball times for me, being involved in my umpteenth basketball league as well. I’m getting a new laptop soon too, to help with liveblogging, so we’ll see where that goes. Later losers.