Which Team's Worth Going To FEU?

From what little I have at the moment (I only have the schedules), I’m going to try to see who are the teams to watch out for, and consequently, which I’m going to make the trek out all the way to FEU gym, NSL’s venue for the duration of the Eliminations, to see.
This’ll be the 1st of at least 2 articles, as I’ll be covering a few teams plus what I know about them, then make new articles re new teams as I check them out and receive stats and rosters later on.

Here goes.

Ateneo – Obviously, given they’re the defending champs. Chris Tiu’s 2008 winning shot over hard luck UE is still fresh in my mind’s eye. It was a terrific shot, taken on a pick (if I remember right) on the upper right side of the key. As per this article, UE still had 26 seconds left but it was all for naught, and more than anything after the game I prayed the cameraman would show the UE team’s faces so I could see how they took this loss – incidentally, a good reason why watching live beats TV anytime. Which brings me to:

UE – To my mind, one of the most hard luck teams in recent memory, pro leagues included. The reason why the past College wars had been so interesting was that so many of the powerhouse teams, namely, DLSU, ADMU, UE and FEU, were ‘on the rise’ at the same time. I’ve been watching ball long enough to know it takes at least 3 to 5 years to carefully mold a team of rookies into trained athletes that play well together, and I’ve no doubt in my mind I’d have put money on UE if I were a betting man.

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