Dindo now Asst. Coach to Franz

As per a report today on Gmanews.tv, erstwhile University of the East Dindo Pumaren, who in my opinion made perennial contenders of the UE Red Warriors and once coached them through a 14-0 sweep during the 07-08 UAAP Season, is now an assistant coach to his brother Franz this coming 09-10 UAAP season.

After resignation from UE he went ahead and replaced Tyron Bautista for that position, as per Fr. Bernie Oca, DLSU board representative.

So let me get this straight.

You were the coach of one of the most powerful College teams in the UAAP, coming damn close to winning the Finals several times.

As such you are credited for it’s huge success, albeit sans a Championship, provided quite respectable showings as such.

And now, you’ve quit said plum job, and are taking on assistant coaching work to not only your perennial opponent, inspite of (and I have no doubt of this) other, possibly better, opportunities out there. Opportunities that perhaps, may allow you to finally get said Championship.

To which I can only react with a resounding: