Got Your Back

By way of the amazing Basketbawful‘s eagle eyes I bring to you some bounce – it – to – your – back inbound plays, featuring the ‘this is how you do it’ version with Chris Paul and Kobe providing the aforementioned back.

..and the ‘this is how you NOT do it’ version, featuring the Sun’s Walter Hermann.

Incidentally I distinctly remember LA Tenorio doing that in the UAAP back in the day, and it was called for a violation AND a TF. Hoorah us.

Frankly there isn’t a whole lot of exciting ball to write about nowadays, with the NBA still a few weeks away from playoffs. Aw sure there are a few interesting player movements here and there but until they either get their teams winning or go on destructive mode (yes I’m talking about Stephon, who else?), we’re just moving along, waiting for the exciting stuff.

So in the meantime let’s stick to the fun and games variety of blogposts, with GP and CWebb doing funny stuff:

Who’s missing in this picture, and can make this video around 10x funnier? Charles Barkley that’s who. Man I miss that guy. Get your game back Chuck. Esp. for the playoffs.

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